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Dave Ferris

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Hi everyone.


I'm sorry to have to be bearer of sad news. Steve's partner of the last nine years, April, passed away early Friday morning from complications of a brain tumor. She was 49.


I spoke with Steve yesterday and he's doing fairly well under the circumstances.


I'm not sure he will respond here but I'm certain he'll appreciate everyone's thoughts, condolences and prayers in this very difficult time.



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Steve, I'm deeply saddened by your loss. Take care and let us know how you're doing, when you can.


Sending love, strength and peace, Brother.

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There aren't words to possibly assuage your sorrow during this time, so I'll simply say I'm sorry.



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Geesh, that's awful. My thoughts are with you, Steve.


This is the fourth time in a week that someone (or their loved ones) on one of my main two forums has died. Someone on the other forum commented that we tend to think of far away forum buddies as immortal, not realizing what struggles they are going through with health etc. off the net.

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My sincere and heartfelt condolences to you for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I'm sure the thoughts and prayers from all your KC family are with you as well.



"In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome.

So God helped him and created woman.


Now everybody's got the blues."


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Hang in there, Steve... I lost a good friend this weekend as well...


Continue to live life to its fullest. Thats what our loved ones would want us to do....

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