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  1. I ended up putting extra diagonal bracing on mine to make it rock solid.
  2. It's just not fruitful for those with experience in manufacturing to try to temper the expectations of enthusiasts. They don't want to hear it.
  3. As one of those 70s organists, I used manual drawbar changes, two sets of drawbars to set up instant registation changes, AND I used the preset keys which I rewired to store my own presets. As did many of my contemporaries. YMMV.
  4. To directly answer you, yes there is no sustain pedal possible on the Pianet. Also, little to no dynamics are possible as the volume and tone are solely determined by the stickiness of the pad, which can't be controlled by how hard you play it. As far as muddy, my Combo Pianet wasn't muddy at all. It had a brighter tone than a Wurlitzer. It sounded exactly like the one in These Eyes. There were earlier models of Pianet that had different reeds and were plucked by a rubber plectrum I believe that had a lot darker tone. Walrus would have had one of these earlier ones.
  5. She should play her final college year out and collect some sweet endorsement money and some more adulation before she disappears into WNBA obscurity.
  6. How will this distinguish itself against the already Moogy Trigon? 2 more voices but one less oscillator per voice...
  7. I snagged an Erica Black Sequencer a few days ago and like the work flow so far.
  8. I met him in 1980. One of the nicest famous people we encountered in over 10 years on the road. RIP Lee.
  9. I carried a Rhodes Chroma and Chroma Expander for years.
  10. The half time show was not for me, but you youngins won't remember how horrifying the artists were in the early days of the SB. I'm looking at you, Up With People.
  11. Mickey Dolenz, drummer for The Monkees.
  12. Virus had a pretty amazing production run.
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