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  1. I refuse to play any gig in direct sunlight. Period.
  2. It’s not the iPad crashing but the apps in it, primarily Korg Module Pro. I am transitioning from that to a more robust setlist app.
  3. After years of using Module Pro in my rig, I’m afraid that it’s instability live has reached a point where I can no longer use it with confidence. The app will freeze and crash every now and then which means over the past few gigs it’s crashed about one time a gig. I have to restart it which can be kind of ugly in the middle of a set or worse, in the middle of a song. in addition, Korg Module Pro has a really nasty bug. Sometimes when you are editing a set, changing sounds and text, adding songs, etc… even though you have saved that set, it will crash and when you reopen it all the changes you made, and “saved”, are gone. I’m running it on an M1 iPad Pro and never had this issue before, but I’m afraid that Korg has not kept up with all the iPadOS updates, and now it’s too unstable for me. I’m going to have to find another solution, probably moving my set lists to fourscore, and using AUM and Midiflow to control my apps.
  4. But unlike the Brooklyn Dodgers, this band has 3/5ths of its classic Mark II lineup. Which makes it LOT more legit than that current band calling itself “Yes”.
  5. I mostly use the Ivory APs and the Earthy EP Wurly modules. Most everything else comes from the MODX and B3X. I just wish that they refine the set list and make it changeable through MIDI program changes.
  6. How about labeling the thread with the trigger warning: “If You Hate Beato, Please Do Not Read”. We could shorten it to: “IYHBPDNR”. Works for me.
  7. I have been on this forum for a long time. I have also seen a lot of negative change in the etiquette of critique where some members show contempt and disrespect to others. Now we have members who are requesting that we cancel certain topics. How about learning how to be mature enough to respect contrarian beliefs, without resorting to immature nicknames? But I guess this is what has become of our national discourse. The minute the moderators succumb to these bullies and cancel certain musical artists just because these members are unable to control their trigger happy clicks, and can’t respect that other members find this relevant content musically interesting and educational, that is the moment that Keyboard Corner loses me.
  8. If you automatically move all the Beato threads to another forum understand that you in fact are “cancelling” the discussion of what many of us consider educational content that would help many members of this forum… Me included.
  9. Hmmm… so how do you explain clicking on this thread?
  10. Yup. Pure Purple. Feel the same about Jon Lord, but Don puts his own stamp on his parts while still keeping the core style of Lord in his playing. Really smart and effective performance.
  11. Been watching Lachy’s periodic tour reports recorded from his hotel rooms concerning his present tour of North America. He is self-managing and promoting this tour and is quite honest about the issues that he is facing with all the problems with merchandise being held up in customs, finding backlines for his band, and other nightmares that are typical of touring. For anyone trying to survive in this business, these videos from his hotel rooms are eye-opening. You really need drive and passion to survive this crazy business. I am sad that I will miss his show at The Troubadour in LA as I have a gig that night as well. But I wish him and his band the best of luck for the remainder of his tour. He puts on an amazing show and I wish him and his comrades the best.
  12. It's a pleasure, Chris. It was also great meeting you briefly after the gig as you walked off the stage. What a great show that was between you cats and Lee's band! Thank you for bringing joy to my partner and me.
  13. He was great too! Everyone in that band is. They performed one of his songs and it was the most beautiful song of the evening.
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