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  1. miden

    NAMM 2024

    Oh totally agree! This would make a great at home metronome for sure...I loathe metronomes and it's why, like you, use drum units for a more interesting time-keeping option!
  2. miden

    NAMM 2024

    Always worries me when a manufacturer says "fun to practice" on little boxes like this. Usually means the sound samples are going to be pretty naff! Still, a good find, and it might be interesting to keep a watch on, one never knows where the gems are going to be found!
  3. Thanks AS....I will check it out, bit just recently I've been reading some rather disparaging comments re the keybed....I know it's a Medeli, however when I asked support they said it was of their own design, whatever that means. Comments I have read are that it is stiff, the keys sometimes stick, requiring a "gliss" first up each morning to unfree them and it's not really good, decent, but not good for trad piano/EP playing (which I'd be using a VST for) ....so it's giving me pause for thought....shame its NAMM time as the couple of guys who would know this stuff for sure are there, so sort kinda off-air so to speak.
  4. Getting nothing from support, apart from some person who seems disgruntled at having to answer questions, and the manual is about as clear as mud on this topic. I asked the direct question can program strings (msb/lsb/pc) be user defined, or as Stokely pointed out, fixed to the ASM hierarchy - response was just download the manual! See my former comment in this post!
  5. Thanks Stokely - yeah I was thinking maybe something like Camelot Pro that has a pretty extensive MIDI swapping and re-directing tool might be useful in the case you mentioned, if indeed it just sends some preset PC/msb/lsb string. I can get one at a good price, however, like most players here, I need 'boards to be able to "mulit-task" a bit...I only run one axe so it needs to be a bit "swiss"
  6. Can the Hydrasytnh Deluxe be used as a sort of controller as well? In that I can use it to transmit midi program changes, volume control, footpedal messages (sustain and expression). That's about all I'd need it to do. Was thinking of one as a band axe to use along with an iPad running "bread and butter" sound VSTs
  7. Yes I agree, but my point was for chording purposes and in that case what is different to a guitarist, apart from forming the chord with one hand and strumming with the other. The accomp is essentially provided by one hand. Bass and drums are covered in the track, as is the case with a LOT of solo guitarists that use tracks, it is bass and drums. It's just an interesting (to me) thing. Is the keyboardist somehow less of a player because he is only using one hand? Anyway bottom line is that the MAIN thrust of the post was the generally held perception that a guitarist can get away with strumming a guitar to tracks, while a keyboard player doing the same thing, but on a keyboard cannot!
  8. errr, no...and apart from you trying to be a smart-arse your post has no relevance to what I was hoping to be a relatively mature discourse - but I now see the chidren are still up.
  9. thanks folks, interesting views. tbh I was thinking more of a chordal style of play, rather than leads as such. You know, comping along, backing a vocal along to a drum machine or drum/bass track. Or even just playing chords backing a vocal. Sorta like a rhythm guitarist.
  10. So I'd like to ask why is it that guitar players can get away with playing solo using either a backing track or even just a drum machine, but if a keys player does it using a keytar device, they don't seem to get the same level of acceptance. Is it because it's an easier medium? IE only one hand needed. Or some other generally held perceptions. Just curious.
  11. Pack up and go home - move on, life is too short
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