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  1. Plus for the Caig products. I've used it and seen it on every pro bench I've ever seen.
  2. I just found that Alina has an android version at the play store. Something like $3. Edit. I have to add that it sees my midi controller but makes no sound when selected. Hulk sad. Edit part deu. It works with my iRig 37 pro And arturia essential but so far not with the Roland a800, both drivers.
  3. Sometimes in Hammonds a ribbon cable can be unseated and do stuff like that. Try to open it up and push the ribbon cables down.
  4. With an iPad you are going to need at minimum like a 4 port usb hub and camera kit. One of the hub ports can be used for a thumb sized audio adapter. That's what I use. If your iPad has a headphone jack you can try that.
  5. There's better ways to go than to use that big clunky I/O.
  6. I'll check tik tok and get back to you. There's this 14 y/o kid....
  7. Until recently I was much more aware ot the TOP Horn Section than the TOP band. Just because the TOPHS was treated as a brand name like Hip to be square with Huey L and the TOP horns...
  8. I'm waiting for an iOS version. May never happen though.
  9. Sorry. I just looked at my stand and it's the KS7150 not the same as yours. I don't know if mine wobbles or not, I'm not a hard player on mostly synth action.
  10. I not using the Aero. After spending 50 years to learn guitar and 20 on on keys I don't want to start a new fingering system.
  11. Where I find all sax patches lack is in the attack. Something like Roland's Breathy Sax sounds good and realistic enough, at least for everyone except real sax players, at slow and sexy tempos and phrasing. But try to rip something fast and the breathy attack gets flubby. Tighten the attack for fast passages and you lose the realism the sound first had when you slow down again. A Sax patch needs some velocity dynamics to change the attack with speed. Even the SWAM lacks this in my experimenting. Maybe a better sound tweeker can get it.
  12. I have several SWAM Sax apps. I think Roland's Breathy Sax is better. The SWAM is probably better if you add a breath controller to the controll set but when just using the paddle the Roland is better to me.
  13. Just an idea. The tightening screws go into a dimple not a hole on my ws550 . Maybe if you drilled all the way through so the screw wasn't just pressed into the dimple....
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