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  1. Musicians have good timing.
  2. Title sounded like you were opening for ToP. That would be fun.
  3. Kid n' Play. Years before winning 18th.
  4. I don't follow baseball but damn. Jose Abreu being released and he is owed 42 million, caught my eye. https://apnews.com/article/astros-jose-abreu-released-0d373638958a1c214c89f73c5c8ea528
  5. I'm a Celtics fan (it appears rare on this site.) From their record you would assume it has been a fun year except their disappearing act during some games when, as the the National commentaries were "they play with their food." Getting Holiday and White has made things a lot better. Getting rid of Smart has made Brown a better leader. Tatum's inconsistency drives me crazy, but am glad his other parts of his game is maturing. I hope they can find $ to keep White. I used to care more about sports when I was younger. Now I'm a fair weather fan (since 1986 when Red Sox blew the world series. I was gigging while 6th game was on TV. Ended up in shouting match with NY fans.)
  6. For those who think he's pretty, pretty good. My original post has been transcribed.
  7. So good (the mind who thought of this.)
  8. Now my YT feed is pooping up these type vdeos.
  9. I tried a few drum thrones over the years and I keep coming back to a portable piano bench. My one complaint is when they flatten for travel, the legs should clip to seat and not move. I have to use a bungie cord, but it seems like an easy fix by the makers.
  10. I met Bill Walton at the Museum of Science, Theatre of Electricity in late 1986. He was there casually watching the lightning show like the rest of us. RIP.
  11. My earliest influence. RIP Mr Ingle - thank you.
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