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  1. Simply stunning, brilliant, beautiful and amazing -- and impressive! Thanks for sharing that -- I needed me some RICK today. Old No7
  2. This posting needs some HAMMOND... These guys may be better for intermediate organ players or piano players learning how to play the organ, but they each have a lot of other videos featuring the Hammond organ. Old No7 Mike Little, Universe of Keys Nick Foley UK
  3. +1 to the above comments on his influence, playing and hope for his future. Old No7
  4. * Gig bag update for Reezeheys * I faced the same dilemma when looking for a soft gig bag for my slim M Audio Keystation 61 used as a lower manual for my Hammond. I'd posted about a custom gig bag maker earlier on page 1, but just found this item... Bulldog #BD49242 42 Inch Tactical Shotgun Case, Black Less than $40 delivered, it has enough padding to easily protect my controller. Compared to the M Audio's size of 2.7 X 39.2 X 7.5 -- this slim rectangular bag is 3 X 42 X 8, and it should work pretty well. Plus, the price is nice! Old No7
  5. Me too, that's great to hear about them. After all -- it's music, they're a band -- and the fun should never end! I'm liking all 3 new songs I've heard so far: "Lazy Sod", "Portable Door" (both vids posted above) and also "Pictures of You" (no Hammond solo, but I like the piano ending). I'll add that one here too (down below). +1 to that -- I'll be seeing them with Yes in late August. Someone on youtube had posted this comment -- to which I made an addition... "Deep Purple are not just a band, they are an idea, a way of making music, a concept that expands and crosses time and space." And band members too. Old No7
  6. Good advice from Mike on that quote. I'd also add... Have you considered a dual-keyboard setup, where you use the main board for what it does really well, and use the 2nd MIDI-connected controller keyboard for a different action, and possibly drawbars for the organ? That will get you closer to the "one-size-fits-all" -- but it takes two different keybeds, as others have stated. Old No7
  7. I'm struggling with the math too... If I was a Sony shareholder, I'd demand they instead pursue some other projects that had a positive return in say -- 5 to 7 years, but not 25! Old No7
  8. Yes!!! DEEP PURPLE!!! Make that -- "Yes, and "Deep Purple"! I'll be seeing them both together in 8 weeks over in NH. This other new tune is great too -- love the Hammond groove that Don puts on it, and the solo too. Someone on youtube referred to Deep Purple as: "The gramps with the amps!" Old No7
  9. I'd started a separate post showing this recently... Dang... If it had only pictured a keyboard, then it could stay on here... Old No7
  10. Amen to that... Maybe some AI robototron did it................ Old No7
  11. Having just read all the posts in the "Music Is Too Easy to Make" posting below... Fast-forward 20 years, and we see this................ Old No7
  12. That's it -- best word and comment of the week! * Very true observation. Old No7 * Edited to add: Even if it was said many weeks ago...........
  13. No way you'd get it by this weekend, but for future use you should check out the custom gig bags made/sold by Studio Slips. I've not bought from them, but have read many favorable reviews -- and, as you say, they can make a smaller 61-key gig bag for your controller that's doesn't have 3" of extra height and 6" of extra depth. I just punched your A800 into their website, and we'll see if this link works: https://studioslips.com/proddetail.php?&CabID=6636 Without any add-ons or extras, I think the price -- $130 -- is competitive than what you'd pay for a MUCH larger 61-key bag from the other quality makers. Coincidentally, I was just on their site to look for a smaller (tight fit) gig bag for my M Audio Keystation MK3 61 which I now use as a lower manual for my Hammond. Old No7
  14. Hey, check this out! One unexpected benefit of using the M Audio Keystation 61 as the lower keyboard! The SK Pro's piano sounds are SO MUCH BETTER when played from the M Audio Keystation! Most likely due to the semi-weighted keys and having a different trigger point. It's not as good a keybed for organ as the SK Pro's awesome keys, but for lower manual organ parts it will do just fine. But the much-improved piano tones and better dynamics now has me playing more piano from the SK Pro than I've ever done before. Time to rock! Cheers! Old No7
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