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  1. I see your point. It's too bad because this comes so close to being something I'd really like to use in gigging situations. Maybe there's an inherent conflict between my wishes and the design goals of a keyboard like this, specifically, an ultra-light keyboard with speakers is likely to be designed for home use and keeping the cost down. The Yamaha CK61, which I have, has the speaker off option, but it's in a much higher price range. The speakers on the CK are so quiet as to be almost useless.
  2. This isn't rocket science for a company like Casio. Just make it an option, hardware or firmware. I would consider using one of these for some solo piano gigs, but lack of options with the speaker detracts significantly from it's usefulness for me, which would be an ultra-light setup that I could supplement with a small external speaker. Also, losing the vibration feeling from the speakers is a shame.
  3. Economies of scale may have something to do with the price difference. Casio probably expects to sell fewer 76's. Also, it does have the upgraded speakers. Agree with Jazz+ that the speaker disabling with output engaged is a big negative, and there's not an obvious reason for it. But in general I'm a fan of the CT-S1, so the 76 is more of a good thing.
  4. Yay for 76'ers! Boo for 1/8" outs!
  5. That's a good and kind of sad summary of how I'm processing this. On the other hand, what's a half-century old rock band supposed to do? If it's all more mostly all non-original members and strikes out in new musical directions, then in what sense is it even the same band? It's like asking what today's LA Dodgers have in common with the Brooklyn Dodgers other than a name on a jersey. As with a lot of legacy bands, the newer material mostly just wets my appetite to queue up and re-appreciate the old stuff.
  6. "Cancel" is one of those words that, because it is never being used literally, therefore means whatever anyone wants it to mean. Two ideas were put on the table in this discussion. One was to move a limited number of existing threads to SSS, on the theory that the generality of that forum is a better match for the broader focus of Beato videos. This suggestion was made by the notorious MPN subversive Craig Anderton, and a few of us thought it had merit. If that's canceling then, ok, I guess we're guilty as charged. The other suggestion, which came from MOI, was to start a Beato thread in the same spirit as other perpetual living-document threads such as the MLB, NFL, "Let's Hear It," or "Dig My Rig." As MOI pointed out, this is actually the opposite of canceling. It's also just practical, as the thread then serves as a useful archive. This is obviously a DIY solution, and I think if anyone is to start it, it should be a Beato booster. As threats to freedom of expression go, this is pretty milquetoast stuff.
  7. The lack of warm up doesn't matter much when playing with a band. Solo piano it can be very noticeable, and I don't want to be stumbling through the first 30 minutes. I find that as long as I've had a warm up session earlier in the day, I'm good. The warm up has a 10-12 hour shelf life. Immediately prior to playing I'm usually going in one of two directions to prepare. One direction is mindfulness and overall physical well being. This is usually something as simple as a 15 minute walk to be alone with. my thoughts and let my body find a natural walking rhythm. The other direction is to go full social. As different as these are, they can both work for me. If I really feel I need to play right before the gig I'll take my Roland Go:Piano and play it on my lap in the green room with headphones. If there's no green room, then in the car. The Go:Piano has a fairly stiff unweighted action, so the fingers really have to work.
  8. I appreciate your thoughtful post. I'm never in those "combative areas" so can't speak to what happens there, but even in more civilized forums like this people will sometimes post a video and above write something like "see, I'm right that blues is just another form of classical music," or whatever. Now let's say that doesn't sound right to me and I want to offer a counterpoint, I have to watch a 12 minute video? That doesn't work for me as a form of dialogue. If i see your words on the screen, I can quickly digest them or decide to skip over them. Clicking on a video is a commitment to sit there for 12 minutes, which typically includes some inane commercials. That's 12 minutes i could have been practicing on the keyboard that's next to the computer precisely so I can jump on it whenever I have a minute. Also, at least with Beato, I don't get the sense that a lot of people are thinking to themselves "I have a thesis so let's see how I can support it . . . ah, this Beato video is perfect!" The sense I get is that it's more like "hey, I can be the guy to post the latest Beato video!" Not quite a van der Poel moment. I'm generally not in favor of heavy handed moderating, and I doubt MPN has an AI Bot set up to detect certain thread titles and move them to another subforum, so even if Anderton did move a few threads it would be like castles in the sand. I'll do me, you do you, and maybe we'll meet in the next Moog/Hammond/Taylor Swift thread.
  9. I may have inadvertently confused the issue. I wasn't addressing OT versus non-OT. (as an aside, I don't think the "T" means it has to be keyboard-centric. Beato's videos are not OT.) All I was getting at is, you played a gig, you watched a video, you ate a sandwich, and now you have a thought about it . . . awesome . . . write it in a post. If it's OT, label it OT. Consider whether that might be more effective than expecting people to watch a whole video. Speaking for myself, I love the give and take, the banter, and even the arguments, that happen in a forum like this. That's all of us exercising our brainpower. But I almost never click on a video to hear someone talking, not Beato, not anyone. That feels like delegating the work to someone else.
  10. Here's a thought: if you have an idea you want to discuss on Keyboard Corner, whether the inspiration is a video you watched, a thread on another forum, a dream, an argument with your wife, acid indigestion, whatever . . . write a post about it. I think we too easily fall into the habit of posting a talky video and just saying "this guy speaks for me." Music videos are a different matter.
  11. Quote: "I think some people enjoy letting others know how much they don't like the guy! In my book that means he must be doing something right! 🙂" It's through this logic that some people become President! (all tongue in cheek) There are people here who are annoyed with Beato himself, and then there are people for whom Beato himself is not the issue, but rather just number of posts imported from the Beatoverse that are clearly disproportional to the amount of keyboard content his videos bring to the table. The opinions of the former do not invalidate the opinions of the latter. I think Anderton would be doing the community of keyboard players a great service by shuffling these videos off to SSS, where any of us can participate in them anytime we like.
  12. yeah, that part was a total joke. He didn't even make a gesture at trying to account for other variables. Nope, I can just look at google search trends and tell you the state of humanity. Armchair sociology at it's laziest, presented without the slightest caveat. This sort of BS is all over the internet, and I try to steer clear of all of it. The video started off strong. Any music can be "new" music is a powerful message and he made a heartfelt and persuasive case for it. By the end of the video he'd totally lost me.
  13. Well, that's seven minutes of my life I'll never get back. I think he does philosophically decimate the "new" versus "old" music shiboleth, so it wasn't a total waste. He also got me laughing and crying at the same time with "kids are too lazy to play video games anymore." Never thought I'd hear that.
  14. Well, now, because you've formally protested, it will be every 30 minutes. But yeah, it's gotten absurd. I come here because it's a KEYBOARD forum. When the signal to noise ratio dips below a certain threshold, I start wondering why bother. GIve me the 1,456th thread on which stand works best for a dual-keyboard set up, I'm happy as a pig in sh#t.
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