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  1. The Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah is great on Clav. Highly recommended!
  2. Hi! I’m curious if there’s any list on what Pratt&Read models were available and in which synths and organs. I have a Mini D that needs a new keybed and I’ve found a broken Gem Wizard 335 that I’m hoping could be a donor. I can’t find any info on different models of Pratt&Read though…
  3. I started with a MODX7, upgraded to the (older) Montage and felt a big leap in both sound and feel. I got the M7 in October of last year and it sounds even better, more lively and better dynamics. I stil use the MODX a lot, it’s hard to beat the weight, but the M7 is amazing. I use a plastic Gator case and it’s quite manageable.
  4. 🤣 I have a programming job where I'll need to find a bunch of sounds (mostly slightly twaeked presets) from late 80:s synths and recreate them, I was looking for a certain patch I'd been told about, couldn't find it, found some new info and the spelling I had gotten in the firs place was incorrect. I already had the sysex I need..! I hope your VFX is up and running!
  5. I recently got my hands on one, they’re really slick..! We used it for a video shoot in an old house where the rooms haven’t been renovated since the late 80s. It looks really appropriate and futuristic- like the keys are floating! 🥳 Jupiter-X and DW-6000 on top.
  6. One of the main things when getting a Forte is that you can add almost anything you want… I had my Scarbee Wurlitzer loaded in mine for instance, as well as a couple of upright pianos.
  7. I used a regular bathroom plunger..! 😅
  8. A friend of mine made this journey many years ago. He was (is!) a skilled guitar player who decided to become a keyboard player and started with zero technical knowledge about the piano but he had all the theoretical stuff down already. The skill level will by far outweigh the choice of synth in this genre. You can absolutely get to the desired level without 5 years of classical piano training but it will be an undertaking. Expect about two hours of focused practise every day, starting with a hour of scales every morning. All modes, both hands, scales in intervals and so on. Get a good piano teacher and go to work on Hanon, Czerny and the rest of them. It is imperative to get the basic technique right, anything you learn wrong you will have to un-learn and redo, and you will need good technique for this stuff.
  9. I saw him live - it was an almost transcendental experience. He could do the same thing that I’ve heard Zawinul and Jarret do, take the music to a new level and push himself higher than I thought possible - and still seeming so effortless. An absolute musical master.
  10. …a friend of mine is playing there on Sunday the 17th of march. If You are there, don’t miss the opening act.
  11. I really hope Yamaha will consider implementing the whole YC organ engine in the Montage. Having the organ sounds "stealing" so many voices isn't really optimal - and they have a virtual model ready for implementation. Sometimes it's as if Yamaha make things very difficult for themselves. And us. 😅
  12. Of the "younger" generation I'd say nobody can rock like Jens Johansson. Not because he's Swedish too, but for the sheer width of his music. He can play jazz fusion on stuff like "Heavy Machinery" with Allan Holdsworth, rock it out with acts like Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio as well as perform beautiful acoustic piano material. He can play like Jordan Rudess but chooses not to. 🤣 His pitch bend chops are to die for, his timing is impeccable and he plays better bass on keys than most bass players... Check him out!
  13. I'm deeply saddened to see Jim Beard has passed away. He was a huge influence on me when I started getting into instrumental music and jazz, and has been a productive member of the music community for many years. For those of You who do not know him, here are two clips; "Diana", featuring Toots Thielemans "Camieff" Jim Beard, 26 August 1960 - 4 March 2024. Song of the Sun (CTI, 1990) Lost at the Carnival (Lipstick, 1994) Truly (Escapade, 1997) Advocate (JVC Victor, 1999) Revolutions (Intuition, 2008) Show of Hands (Sunnyside, 2013) "Chunks and Chairknobs" (Jazzline, 2019)
  14. It runs like a champion in light mode on the M2. Eight piano and pad parts and not over 80%. That's good enough for me. Next step will be loading a backup file to see how it handles my gig sounds.
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