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Keys and Synths

Keyboards and synthesizers (hardware and software)


  1. The Keyboard Corner

    Synths, pianos, software, analog, digital, modeling, virtual instruments, programming tips - this is the place on the web for discussions, debates, opinions and assistance...and the occasional sports thread.


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  2. The Keyboard Chronicles • Podcast

    A podcast that covers the life of a keyboard player, both amateur and professional. 


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    • 😊         Okay, sure. I like speaking directly. 😎     As those of you who are reading this thread are aware, it has been challenging to generate enough income to cover MPN’s operating costs.  With that in mind, we’d like to ask the members of the community to donate to supporting MPN.   We’ve provided two ways to do that:   Click here for Monthly donations, via our Patreon site   or   Click here for Annual/One time donations via our MPN Store.   There is no minimum or maximum donation amount.   Anything you can contribute is appreciated.   Thanks so much!   dB
    • Speaking only for me, it took me a few pages to figure out that this wasn't really a "what do you think?" thread and was actually a, "do this thing that I need done right now, please" thread.  It's going to be the regulars, and in general the same ones over and over, who donate. I still think giving us hard numbers and less nebulous indications of what the donations fund, would help keep the spigot on in the long run. Fundraising campaigns routinely delineate not only what is funded, but also how the process is doing along the way. Personally (as I think either I or others have said, or maybe Tom Hanks said it?), I feel less fire to fund sending folks to trade shows and the like than in keeping the lights on, unless I understand the necessity of it. I think framing it as austerity vs full membership is a bit backward: really, keeping the lights on should be full membership, and underwriting trips to trade shows and the like would be a bonus or elite-tier level of support--a "nice to have," but not a necessity. Anyway, hopefully stuff is coming in now and keeping a little peace at home...?   
    • Yes.  Use the Annual payment option, but only pay once.
    • Dave,   You have been asking.    “You didn’t have to be so nice, We would have liked you anyway “   Ask directly. Close the sale. There are hundreds of us who will support you.   Jack
    • I found this site a year ago, and it's been really helpful.  I bought two keyboards without playing them in advance largely based on comments here, plus I've gotten a lot of other great advice just reading the posts.  I'd definitely miss this site if it went away.   The tip jar concept works for me.  Just one question - on the banner, it has two links for payment, annual and monthly.  Is there a way to make a one-time contribution?  Just keeping with the tip jar idea.  Thanks.          

    • Fascinating read, so far! This looks like a powerful tool with a very straightforward interface.  I don't own a dedicated mastering tool, having used some of the basic mastering options offered within Logic Pro X - also using a free copy of EZmix that was included with a keyboard purchase a few years back. My 11' x 11'  bedroom studio space is not a signicant source of income, if at all over the past couple years. But I'm seeing that Master Plan could've benefitted recordings I've released.     Planning to check out Master Plan over the next month once my new MacMini is set up with Logic reinstalled. Just finishing up a collaboration on a 2015 iMac that is quickly circling the drain .
    • Welcome aboard! Reviews are always so much more useful to the community when the developer can add unique insights and provide fact-checking. I appreciate your comments, which lead me to more comments   When I clicked on the "user guide" button, no manual appeared. After seeing your comment, I went to check again. The issue was clicking on it opened a folder with a highlighted PDF manual file, which is fine except it opened on my second screen. I happened to have it turned off yesterday because nothing I was running needed it, so that's why I didn't see the manual.  Pilot error - I assumed that since you did the standard "hold shift" for fine tuning, you'd probably do the usual "ctrl+click" for reset on Windows. Of course, alt+click is just as good. I totally missed the resizing options, due to force of habit...I pulled on the corners to resize.    I won't be so impatient about checking it out as I get further into this   So far, one of my favorite aspects is that Master Plan can do subtle changes. It lets you decide whether you want to use a scalpel or a sledgehammer.   
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