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Keys and Synths

Keyboards and synthesizers (hardware and software)


  1. The Keyboard Corner

    Synths, pianos, software, analog, digital, modeling, virtual instruments, programming tips - this is the place on the web for discussions, debates, opinions and assistance...and the occasional sports thread.




  2. The Keyboard Chronicles • Podcast

    A podcast that covers the life of a keyboard player, both amateur and professional. 


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    • Saw it when it first premiered. Loved it!
    • I loved this series. There are 4 episodes and each is interesting in its own way. This was my rock/soul/R&B youth, the music I learned to play in a band. Booker T, Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, Rufus Thomas, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Isaac Hayes.
    • Immersive Audio Hear, There and Everywhere   Welcome to our second annual Immersive audio-focused issue of RECORDING Magazine. I am proud to say that, over the past few years, RECORDING Magazine has been at the forefront of Dolby Atmos, Apple Spatial Audio, binaural mixing and more, offering some of the most coverage of the immerging immersive audio movement, and this issue is our best yet!   Reviews   A key component of any immersive system is the speaker, and in this issue, we lend our ears to the One25A from Amphion, the 8381A from Genelec, the HR3.5 and Pro3s models from Ocean Way Audio and the new ROKIT 5 Generation Five and ROKIT 8 Generation Five from KRK Systems.   In headphones, we meet the immersive-focused Maxwell from Audeze, and we also check out the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition.   Next, we check out the 4th-Generation 32 channel, Orion 32+, from Antelope Audio, and the TASCAM Sonicview 16XP & SB-16D Digital Stage Box.   Moving in the box, we check out a great collection of immersive-focused plugins. From The Cargo Cult, we test drive a trio of plugins: Spanner, Slapper and Stem Cell. From Eventide, we have MicroPitch Immersive and Black Hole Immersive, and from PSP Audioware, we clamp down our spatial mixes with Aural Comp.   Interview   Talking Atmos with Richard Chycki Interview By Paul Vnuk Jr.   Noted audio engineer Richard Chycki (Rush, Pink, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Seal, Mick Jagger and more) has been immersed in multi-channel audio for over two decades. Sit in on our master class with Richard as he walks us through what he has learned moving from stereo to 5.1 to Dolby Atmos.   Features   Five of our six features this month are squarely on the topics of Immersive Audio and Dolby Atmos. In Inside The Studio, Mark Hornsby walks us through how Russ Berger Designs converted Crossway Studio (formerly Whitney Houston’s private residential studio) from stereo to Atmos.   In RECORDING’s Field Notes, Giles Reaves goes out into the field to gather observations and advice from his friends Chuck Ainlay and Tom Davis who are immersing themselves in Dolby Atmos. Aaron Trumm brings us A Short History of Immersive Audio. Atmos expert Will Kennedy wants to talk about your low end in his article Know Your Lows: The LFE, Your Atmos Music Mix, And You, and immersive audio educator Alex Solano shares his expertise on Divergence, Low-End and Other Dolby Atmos Tips and Tricks.   Our final feature this month is also spatially motivated as Joe Albano teaches us about Delay-based effects in Studio 101.   …AND MORE   Dave Martin is back with advice in Readers’ Tracks, and last but certainly not least, producer, studio and speaker designer Allen Sides shares his thoughts on immersive audio in this issue’s Fade Out.   Please join us and immerse yourself in the June issue of RECORDING magazine.

    • And I just tested it, unfortunately it's not working like that, a bit sad, that would have been intelligent!
    • I have one of these, the 2408, since a couple of years, but never really used the AUXes, do you guys have any idea how AUX 3 and 4 are dealt with on the stereo channels? Can the "musician mix" outputs be used for actually sending stereo signal from a stereo channel on either of AUX 3 or 4, using a TRS cable, and by this actually being able to feed a stereo effect with actual stereo signal?   I could try this of course, but after reading this review I figured I'd throw this out to start with!      
    • Yes, the three synth engines are freely assignable to the fixed splits.  
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