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    • There are lots of boards today that can do plenty of zoning. But it's not the most sensible thing for every board, or every player.  16 zones doesn't really make sense for, say, a board that plays only 1 or 2 sounds at a time; and the relative complexity of a 16-zone board (which is going to mean a board with a lot of menu navigation and assignable controls) is not something every player wants. Just like in 1996, when you could similarly get 16-zone boards like the QS and also boards that were not designed to do that. It's nothing shocking, or even new. If you want a 16-zone board today, get a Korg Nautilus/Krome/Kross, a Roland Juno DS/Fantom/Fantom-0, a Kurzweil K2700/PC4, or Yamaha MOXF (and arguably Montage/MODX though only 8 of the 16 zones are simultaneously playable directly from the keyboard).    The way I see it, some boards are like sports cars, some are like cargo vans. The cargo vans are a lot more versatile, but if the sports car can do what you need, it can be more fun. But if you choose the sports car, you don't complain when it doesn't seat 7 or have room to haul your PA. ;-)
    • Yes.  It costs me $40+ a month for 150/150mbs over fibre in the suburbs around NYC.   It’s MUCH more expensive @ 350/350.   Forget about 1gbs.  
    • Just some random responses -   Yes, to me it is VERY weird not having the vocalist be a primary focal point during songs. It's natural, it's where the audience is going to focus, and having him steps behind the front line and off center seems like a dissonant note, like trying too hard to make a point that doesn't need to be made.   Also, while I'm not a proponent of slavish duplication, and open to the idea of sax taking some explorational liberties, this too just struck the wrong note. Noodling in the wrong places, to my ears. I certainly understand, if anyone has the license to do things differently this time, it should be the guy who helped to write the tune in the first place. But it doesn't do it for me, not that it matters to anyone else.   I should have looked up Hackett's age before commenting, I suppose. He's doing quite well for 72; and my memory of their salad days is decades in the rear view mirror.    Still, I really do stand by my comments. I've seen enough Genesis shows, and Hackett solo shows, and heard enough Genesis Revisited stuff to have wanted a bit better sound, and bit more animated performance.   But at the end of the day, it's wonderful to have him still alive, kicking, and touring. And the best part of the show, hands down, is still the song catalog itself.
    • Fantstic recovery those new fangle lap steel pianos are amazing.
    • Interesting... At home, not in a big city, I have a (for today's standards here in Spain) medium speed connection. It is 300Mb/s symmetrical (using optical fibre up to my home). Now 1Gb/s is very common here. Is it so different in the USA?
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