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  1. And I'm still grateful to this day @Steve Nathan that you mentioned him, what a delightful guy to speak with.
  2. Love a good sound engineer! I'm the same boat and it's nice to know you're not sitting there all night just playing for yourself
  3. First, love LSOH, my favourite musical. I've only played keys in one production many years ago, and did have a JV-1080 at the time I think, but didn't have that patch list. I'd go with the by-ear route @marczellm suggested - there's not that many unique sounds so you should get pretty close.
  4. Where I can see it applying is in band contexts with really good digital connectivity - you have an AI backup player that can pick up what the band are doing and add their part. I think this will be a realistic proposition in a handful of years at most. Obviously not needed as much in a band with a known setlist , but a jam band playing known songs, I could see AI playing a role albeit not necessarily a welcome one...
  5. Audio link Roger had some extremely well thought out insights, got a huge buzz out of chatting with him. A guy that thinks deeply about his work.
  6. Huge good thoughts to you Caevan!
  7. @Jim Beta welcome to the forums, I just want to point you to the forum rules: As per those rules there is a 'Shameless Plugs' sub-forum to post links to your music, usually after you've contributed other posts / replies within the forum community. Looking forward to those contributions
  8. We interview yet another member of the Glenn Hughes secret society of B3 players Audio link
  9. I like me some Chomsky but couldn't agree more - this one is off mark.
  10. Ok thanks so much, good to know
  11. For those who have the Rock N Roller R6 - do any of you use the shelf as a desktop at your gig? I currently have an X-stand with a shelf on top to sit my rack unit with my Radial KL-8, power conditioner and my laptop etc. Seems I could ditch that for the Rock N Roller with Shelf at the top....
  12. Dave, it's incredibly nice of you to think I was playing in one of the pro productions down here It was a semi-pro / regional production - the orchestra were very very good though!
  13. So so true - I've only had the privilege once of playing in a large orchestra (43 people) for a production of JC Superstar. As the synth player there's a section of 'I Don't Know How To Love Him' where the whole orchestra aside from me was playing in full flight. One of the most potent memories of my musical life sitting in the middle of that and watching the full power of an orchestra.
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