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Yeah, I'm braggin'

Steve Nathan

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I'm watching for a release date. It was a dual bass player thing. A song with Mike Brignardello, and Bass Player Mag was there filming, so there should be something there soon.

He's so cool and talented. We reminisced about the legendary Buffalo jazz clubs of the 60s. The Pine Grill and the Royal Arms. Places he played often, that my dad would take me to as a youngster :cool:


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A famous baseball player -(it might have been Dizzy Dean) once said...


"It ain't braggin' if you done it".


Playing music with one of the greats makes all the headaches worthwhile.


Changing that flat tire ( passenger side) on the way to the gig in the far left lane with cars zooming by your head. Having to take orders from some bully who can't play but insists on damaging your hearing anyway.... well I guess some of us don't have to put up with this sort of thing.


One of these days I should start a separate post on characters I have met in the music biz.


But meanwhile... Rainey comes off as such a stand up guy in the Making of Aja video... probably the only place I have heard him speak. Donald and Walter didn't like no slappin' and poppin'... but Chuck snuck it in anyway on Peg and took it to the bank.

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Chuck is one of the godfathers of groove, he wrote the first bass lesson book I ever studied. Seems like a really cool guy as well.

"Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.'-Hamlet


Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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