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OT - What are you listening to right now?

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A new single done for Record Store Day by Lake Street Dive:




Rachael Price does it in one take...she's the real deal.



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There's a thin white line between fear and fury - Stickman

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Wow! , found another cool band - "Eisbrecher" from Germany , Big big sound with walls of cool keyboard sounds.

But , I'm a bit disappointed peep's - no keyboardist to be seen or found (well I can't find him :( ) - backing tracks?. Don't tell me , not again , surely not. >



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Have you guys check out Scott Bradlee & The Post Modern Jukebox??


If not, here is a link to one of his videos -


NYC based pianist plays ragtime covers of pop songs. Great stuff!


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N&I, I finally got myself an Elephant9 album recently. They'd been on the list to check out for a while. Very cool stuff. I'll have to sit down with that live video.


Breaking out one of my first records ever:




Incidentally, the title track is what inspired me to pick up sax back in junior high.

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George Duke "Funny Funk".


I recorded a 96k/24b version on SSD yesterday evening (more like night, using headphones) from a processed version originally from the MPS Fusion Recordings CD. I used midfreq. averaging with new additions (using a graphical side band gate from "calf"), including an anti-clip signal, serious CD correction equalizing (11 bands) and some other stuff, and it sounds as funky now on the speakers as it did on headphones!




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At this very moment? The ringing in my ears and the occasional rustle of paper from the next cubicle.


But on my way to work this morning, it was Blackberry Smoke (as usual).

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At this moment, this track, from the Live in Munich 1977 DVD:



Nice classic keyboard setup, B3, Mellotron, and Clav, and (not 1 but) two Minimoogs! I'm not familiar with Don Stone, but he sounds great here. If you can make it through the guitar wankery and Beethoven quotes, there's a 2nd unaccompanied key solo at 10:55, starts on Clav, ends on the dual Minis.

Turn up the speaker

Hop, flop, squawk

It's a keeper

-Captain Beefheart, Ice Cream for Crow

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I've long been a Joe Jackson fan and I'm always intrigued at the groups of people he puts together. Just found this full-length show from the Olympia in Paris, from the time of the Duke tour. Can't say I'm 100% on board with the Duke arrangements, but the revisits of his own tunes are fantastic. And the band is the cream of the crop of NYC - Regina Carter, Adam Rogers, Jesse Murphy & Nate Smith with longtime JJ partners Sue Hadjopolous & Alison Cornell.



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