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  1. Just bought this a couple of weeks ago on a whim. Was looking to add some acoustic guitar without the feedback issues. Fits the bill perfectly.
  2. My drummer uses an Alesis Strike 8. Good little speaker! I thought about buying one myself.
  3. Mine is used for recording and composing. I keep it online all the time.
  4. I was looking at this little pedal sounds pretty good in the demo.
  5. I recently bought the M1 Mac mini with 16GB and 512GB for recording and some video editing. I added a thunderbolt dock with another 2TB SSD in it. This thing rocks, I replaced a windows machine with 32GB of memory and smaller drive. The M1 out performs the windows machine by a substantial amount. I can have more plugins loaded than the old machine struggled with and it does it with ease and no fan noise. On the laptop DaVinci Resolve would regularly crash editing 4k video files. The M1 flies through them without issue.
  6. Competition is a good thing! I just bought an M1 Mac Mini 16GB with 512GB SSD and a dock with another 2TB. Really seeing a big increase in speed from my Dell especially editing raw 4k video files. The dell would crash hard and often in Da Vinci Resolve. No issues with the Mac. Only downside was I had to purchase a DAW. So far I bought studio one artist and have a 90 day trial of logic. Haven't decided which to go with yet. On the Dell I was using Cakewalk for free and was pretty happy with it. Almost all of my purchased plugins work just fine. Didn't lose anything important. All in all I'm happy how easy the transition was.
  7. Not bad, but it is annoying that watching this triggered the algorithm! Now when I bring up YouTube nearly a quarter of the suggestions are for them!
  8. It took many years for the tracking to get good enough. I have owned several units including an Axon ax100 and a Roland GR-55 that use a 13 pin interface. You have to play differently to get it working well. You have to play precise lines but they track well. But it still can mis-track if you play really fast lines. There are quite a few players out there still using the GR-55 system and older Roland gear. But most guitar players just want to plug in and play. Pedal boards and things like the fractal audio, line 6 and other gear can get you a ton of sonic goodness. When I used it regularly, I did a lot with the AX-100 which is bi-timbrel. You could use a sustain pedal to play a chord as a pad or arp and then solo over it with a different sound from the AX-100 or a sound module I used a roland sonic cell with it. The only thing I liked about playing guitar synth was the fact you could bend pitch very naturally if your playing a violin or cello sound or even woodwinds the sounds were very convincing. You can get that kind of articulation with keys and the pitch and mod wheels or a breath/ribbon controller, but it just comes naturally on a string instrument. In the end I just decided it wasn't worth the effort. So my AX-100 sits in a rack in my studio, just in case I get nostalgic. Guitar synths are a bit like keytars are you a keyboard player wishing you were the guitar player or a guitar player wishing you were a keyboard player? For me, playing both it was only curiosity that drew me to it initially.
  9. I have nothing to augment this conversation. Except that finding the root of it all is key.
  10. I have used the D-05 live without issue. I used it for a couple of tunes. I just had to by a 1/8" TRS to 1/4" TS 'Y' cable and controlled it with a single midi cable from my SP6. And I made sure the batteries were good. Worked perfectly.
  11. No blue envelopes in UBBT77-Dark no highlighted titles in unread. Default theme used to have unread post in bold. Not anymore. There is no way for me to know what I have read other than memory. Firefox both Mac Big Sur & Windows 10. Safari showed one blue envelope in Dark mode.
  12. My sales rep Robert has rarely if ever called me out of the blue. He has been my rep for about 12 years, he always calls right after I order something just to let me know when I can expect it. Sometimes he will ask if I'm currently gigging, that kind of thing. Of course he always ends with, 'if I can help you with any future needs call me". When I ordered an MPC One he asked me what my plans for it were because I have never ordered anything like it in the past. Robert has always been friendly and is good at building rapport. I have never ever felt pushed to buy anything. And he has never suggested I buy anything I haven't asked his opinion about. Which is never because all my orders have been through the website. I do a lot of research before I buy.
  13. Bought this BreedLove ECO series guitar on a whim. Very glad I did it sounds great.
  14. Maybe instead of hypergrowth, they should have aimed for something very unique in the markets these days. Profit!
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