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  1. Those are three great ones. I find Steve in particular to be endlessly inventive. You could take the guitar tracks off of Get Happy and still have a great record.
  2. For sure, it’s a bit out of control…Caitlin Cam and all; like Tiger Woods coverage on golf used to be. That’s the media for you.
  3. Which is your prerogative as Cyclone fan I grew up about 40 miles from Ames and went to Cyclone football/basketball games on a semi-regular basis back then. Love watching the Cyclone Bball team play defense (a term we aren't familiar with for Hawkeye basketball )
  4. They are a lot of fun. I go to a few a year. As a 30 year season ticket holder for the football team, I also find it a refreshingly different crowd...far less drunk bros, lots more screaming grandmothers and adoring grade school girls. My son, his wife and daughter have mid-court season tickets and couldn't make it to a recent game; with the jacked up secondary ticket prices they basically paid for the entire season a couple times over by selling one game. Quite the phenomenon, not just here but everywhere she plays.
  5. Need 8 to break record. How bout 49 for the hell of it. And 13 assists. Something else.
  6. My MOTU micro express can do this. You can select any MIDI command (including patch change) and suppress it at any of the 4 inputs or 6 outputs. I’m not using it and listed it on Garage Sale sub forum a few months ago but got no takers. PM me if you are interested…could probably work out a good deal. https://forums.musicplayer.com/topic/186477-fs-motu-micro-express-4x6-usb-midi-interfacemergerrouter
  7. I would look into the new Mackie Showbox. Tradeoffs for sure (no stereo option) but having something with battery power and detachable 5/6 channel mixer might be useful in a lot of situations. The features look great but of course the sound is the deciding factor.
  8. Not doing a Valentine's show this year but for years my duo has done Fiona Apple's "Valentine", which starts: You didn't see my valentine I sent it via pantomime While you were watchin' someone else I stared at you and cut myself I'm guessing that's NOT what most people want on a V-day date 😏
  9. The Staves. I saw them open for Nickel Creek last night. Lovely stuff. I've been around a while and seen hundreds of shows, but this was the first time I've seen the headliner (i.e. Chris Thile) come out and introduce the warmup act and talk them up. A small but generous gesture
  10. As a former Stage 2/3 owner, I can say the complaint about split points goes back years and I wouldn't hold my breath. I suggested 10 years ago that they simply allow a mode where the split points are arbitrary and the lights are off (like many of us do with most keyboards).
  11. Of course, the proof will be in the sound of this thing. But I really like the features they have included. I bought a JBL Eon Compact One in Dec while they were on sale for $500...it was the only one of the competition that had the 4 channels I required for my duo. Would have considered this strongly because of the additional channels and features if it had been available (even at the higher price.) Will be anxious to see what people think of it.
  12. I got an Arzopa 15.6 Portable Monitor last July off of Amazon. I didn't do a ton of research on it, just found something that was USB-C powered, around 15" and inexpensive ($96) at the time. Another goal of this transition was to get something bigger than my iPad Pro screen size. This is nothing I would do a lot of programming on (old eyes) but I do that on my normal 42" monitor. It's big enough that in Perform screen I get an adequate size on chords/lyrics/etc. And it's very light and works fine in the iPad holder I was using previously. Doesn't look like that particular model exists on Amazon anymore. FYI, I use the audio interface on my CK88 (works like a charm) and in addition to the cabling hassle, it means that since the Mac audio and CK88 audio are both coming out of the CK88 outputs, I can get the balance right on that single stereo feed and never have to worry about it (unlike when I had two keyboards feeding two mixer channels.) So overall I'm liking the whole change and wish I would have done this initially instead of detouring through the iPad route for a year (after my previous 7 years on Stage 3/Kronos) But some of that iPad learning will still be useful....I've put together a portable battery powered rig that is iPad mini velcro'd to CT-S500 running Camelot Pro with just a few bread and butter keyboard apps (B-3X, Ravenscroft, Neo-Soul Keys) and a JBL EON One Compact. One trip from car.
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