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  1. Active classes aren't the same for higher education as passive lectures, but I suppose when it's a top level school in the U.S., there's little space for "I don't like such or such professor so I don't show up" which is a good defense for the creative human being when confronted with something that sucks. Or maybe the parents paid for the study, but their offspring doesn't deeply feel appreciation for the opportunity, not there's an ancient motivation..
  2. I'm sure it would be at least somewhat interesting and with taste. How do you compete in the musical landscape as it developed with the great names from the past if you'd already think that some sort of maxim of the kind is what you should go for ? What would a modern day Oscar do? What would a Grolnic find for a band, how would a contemporary Duke find his Duke example? T
  3. When I saw them around '90 they sounded pretty good, and there was movement going on in the audience. T
  4. I do not own an M, I just have the idea it would interest me (contrary to most other things), I was just trying to get some info. Workload and reliable maximum processor power for a plugin on Windows as well as cache use strategies that are reliable depending on virtual memory management, memory bandwidth are noteasy to understand or measure, and may depend on the mode you use (e.g. energy saving or power). It's possible to create reliable software with loose real time properties, but as soon as the processor (and possibly even the graphics and other cards) will start to get some real work done, and get hot as a result, reliable drop out free and constant response delay audio is hard to achieve, these machines are not really excellently made for real time behavior.. T.
  5. From the Blues Brothers in Bob's country bunker, this is the song played by Bob (or his wife) when the good ol' blues brothers come in: It took me a while to find the proper original.. TV
  6. Limiting the polyphony does not in every case limit the workload. Often, it will only through the note reassignment logic, or soft release note reuse, be that actual workload is reduced, what would be possible reasons for 20 notes being played with a 64 max polyphony be any different workload than the same 20 notes with a 128 polyphony? Sure, there can be organ algorithms that continuously simulate the whole set of primary harmonics, and there is memory management which can be sensitive to claiming twice as much fast memory for immediate use, so there could be that. If the indicated polyphony load is as some have reported a fast notebook should be able to run the whole machine, and when getting nice and hot (...) maybe a some more, under the condition that that remains properly responsive and sound and sample accuracy is maintained, that is an interesting proposition. T
  7. As I recall it from playing the song, they're not exactly 16ths
  8. I recall the time because I' just blown 7/8th of my my first year EE, which in the half year after this, I corrected in the same year anyhow, but I recall I felt depressed. Yeah those A grades can work magic in ways nobody can in that time or this, and they know what they do and why, but it is not without nerdiness and a amount of control over personality subjects most people would find revolting, those are the factors we see there. I recall a year before I was still in high school (until 18 in Holland) and would enjoy the Disco and so on, but I had pretty much not a connection with new pop any longer, and was quite aware of that. I wouldn't say my girl friends implored me to "beat it" but it wasn't exactly at a right angle with that idea either. T
  9. Ome can ask if the "Lite" mode makes compromises or magically makes the same quality sound whilst using less resources. T
  10. I'm sure they could've used a better PA system..
  11. I can't find if this console is to be judged as an analog signal path with digital control, or a special low latency DSD (super CD) digital with some real time effects. T
  12. Unknowingly I did a sort of reharm of a piece of "Those Were The Days" (the "All in the family" theme with Archie and Edith) at the beginning, but it's some improv, some Dr. John, some (successful) trying of thrills and a few boogie elements.
  13. For me, equivalence of the sound is paramount, like if I'd subtract the SW version "live" from the digital Usb connection from the M, do I get zero? Also, if, like with CP4,I can "improve" the sound on the basis of certain processing, can I do that in SW as well? T
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