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  1. A13 is a dominant chord with a minor 7th, A 6/9 is more of a tonic/subdominant flavor.
  2. Hello everyone, I'll be in San Diego around christmas till early January. It's a bit of a bad time to catch live shows, I suppose, spots like Dizzy's or The Jazz Lounge haven't got much going on, but I figured there might be a local on here who might know of something? Thanks
  3. Not once all the forests are burned down 😇🥰
  4. PREDICTION There will be a Nord Stage 3 AE (Anniversary Edition) in 2023. The specs will stay exactly the same as in the 2017 model. However, the white keys will be black, and, hold on to your seats, the black keys will be RED.
  5. What older keys players should say to younger keys players: "Great set, that sounded amazing and really fresh! I'm still noodling the same blues licks I learned 40 years ago!"
  6. Hi there! Here's two of mine off my recent album:
  7. Because Roger Waters (or literally anyone executing an international tour) will be hiring weekend warriors with attitude
  8. Oh man, I envy you guys! In my developed part of the world, I might get vaccinated sometime in the fall, but noone knows for sure :-/
  9. A single sentence that illustrates what a mind-blowingly fudged up system we've set up. Thank God I can listen to Celine Dion anywhere anytime, though! https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/mar/03/soundcloud-announces-overhaul-of-royalties-model-to-fan-powered-system
  10. Just a little follow up: the new side panels arrived last week and on Saturday I picked up some cleaning alcohol. Cleaning the wheels worked surprisingly well, I freed them of all stickyness in about 10 minutes. The new panels feel great and are a great fit with the Prophet 6
  11. Hey everybody, thanks for chiming in with suggestions! Rich, you're the GOAT!
  12. Hi everyone, the side panels and the mod & pitch wheels on my Moog Little Phatty SEII have become sticky and gross. Dust and lint are just baking into it and it's no fun playing it anymore. I've searched the interwebs and it looks like it's a common problem once the plastic gets a couple of years old. I just ordered wooden side panels but I wanna try my luck with rubbing alcohol or some other type of cleaning agent to salvage the wheels. It looks like it would be best to get them out of the housing to be able to clean them thouroughly. Has anyone ever taken their LP apart and gotten to the wheels? I only found videos of people opening up other parts of the Moog. Looking forward to your replies!
  13. Guess I could add my two cents to this as I just went for the Sibelius upgrade after going from Mac 10.8. to 10.14. First of all, I think Avid sucks for not allowing me to upgrade my Sib 7.5 to a current version. In comparison, porting my legacy versions of NI Komplete 10, Melodyne and other apps over to the new computer was super easy and cost me nothing but a little time. Avid also suck for buying Sibelius and outsorcing the staff, and for only marginally improving the product (sometimes even making it worse) with each upgrade. So naturally, I thought about switching over to Dorico. I dowloaded the demo, and, to make a long story short, I had trouble figuring out the most basic stuff. I've worked with Sibelius for about 15 years so its idiosyncracies are baked into my head. Note input in Dorico stressed me out. I followed along a few tutorials, but as I have a big project coming up for that I need to be working efficiently, I'll pass on Dorico for now. I'll definitely come back the next time I upgrade my work computer. My secret hope is that MuseScore will be ready for professional use in 5 years or so. A lot of my students use it and I see good things, plus its development is in the hands of a talented composer/designer now. You can check his stuff out on YouTube, his moniker is Tantacrul.
  14. So Suzuki clones a Nord? How ironic.
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