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OT: (update) Its a BOY!


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Congrats..... wait what is that sound..... it's the sound of a baby eating money that was for your new gear.


Really you will never know love till you have a kid. And you won't believe how much stuff a little one needs until you take a road trip to grammas house.


I heard this story about the same time you are hearing it. I now speak it from the heart just like the guy who gave it to me.


I really love my child, it's true. They are amazing the way they grow and the way your love for them is so endless. It brings tears to my eyes to think of my child grabbing my face with her little bitty hands so that I look her in the eye while she tells me something. I wouldn't take a million dollars for her. I wouldn't give you 10 cents for another.


Love a Peace to you and your family.



Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho




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Congratulations, dabowsa!!!


A thousand blessings to you and your family. :D:D:D

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Congrats, Ben! :thu:


That's awesome. Kids are a lot of fun and having more than one makes it interesting!


Best of luck to you guys in the early days - those are always a bit challenging to break the new one into life outside of mom.


Maybe there's a way to celebrate with some new gear? :D




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Life don't get any better than that. Hope everything goes perfectly with your wife and new child.


We may put our hearts into which keyboard sounds most like a Hammond or whether we should sight read but moments like this are what are really important in life.


A Lifetime of Peace, Love and Protest Music


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:thu: Congratulations, Ben.


I hope that you have fond memories of sleeping through the night for those days are now gone. :rolleyes:


Take lots and lots of pictures. Save them to your computer. Back up to CDs.


Record his/her voice often. Save to computer. Back up to CDs.


Scan all birth certificates, report cards, dirty diapers (well, maybe not the dirtiest ones), and stuff like that. Back those up too.


Videos are good. But remember, nobody really wants to see them except you and your wife. Don't become obnoxious with the camera like I did. Back up those videos to DVD.


Start saving for college now.


Be kind to your wife. She did 99.99% of the work and will probably get up in the middle of the night more times than you.


Keep your patience and your sense of humor - always. You will be tested again and again.


Ka-Kaaaa diapers stink. Get over it.


Projectile vomiting happens. Have a clean towel ready.


Don't get hung up about having toys all over your house. It only gets worse.


If you tell your wife that you love her once a day, you might want to consider multiplying that by ten. She'll need to hear it.


If your baby starts to cry, feed it. If it still cries, change it's diaper. If it still cries, rock it and sing to it. If it still cries, put it in the back of your car and take a ride through the neighborhood. One of these always worked for me unless...


it's an ear infection. Then be careful. Babies build up a tolerance to amoxicilyn. If ear infections persists, tubes in the ears are something to consider.


Get a dog.


Find a babysitter or two you can trust.


Take your wife out on a date every couple of weeks.


If/when the baby falls asleep. Thank the Lord, prop your feet up and pop open a beer. NEVER, EVER wake a sleeping baby.


Good luck. :)




edit: This is your SECOND? Then you already know that everything I just wrote is true. :D

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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God Bless you and hope all goes well.


Hammond Players! If you've ever participated in natural childbirth, did you notice the UNCANNY resemblance between the umbilical cord and a standard Leslie cable? I swear I thought the midwife was gonna pull out a 147.




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Originally posted by Markyboard:

Wow - I'm also expecting to get a new controller soon :thu:

...getting married???? (just kidding)

"Oh yeah, I've got two hands here." (Viv Savage)

"Mr. Blu... Mr. Blutarsky: Zero POINT zero." (Dean Vernon Wormer)

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Its a BOY!!! :cool::thu:


Thank you, thank you all for the good wishes! Mother and baby are well and happy. :)




-=-=-=-= Charlie Robert Schomp, 8lbs 4oz. =-=-=-=-

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Congrats... Like with two is busier, but much more fun.


We had our 2nd about 3 months ago. I have 2 girls, and I couldn't be happier. My older daughter (2 years old) is already showing some musical talent... I can comp chords (no melody) and she will sing along to her favourite kids song; in key and in rhythm. If I change keys on her, she follows me... There are many adults that I know that can't do that.


My younger daughter is getting good at sticking her toungue out.

I'm just saying', everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead.
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Oh man, you do look happy! And the kids look great. Congrats!


My wife says our kids are suposed to be our gift to this planet, the ones that will keep doing good in our stead after we're gone. It sounds just right...

"I'm ready to sing to the world. If you back me up". (Lennon to his bandmates, in an inspired definition of what it's all about).
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