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  1. Rocco and Garibaldi we a force together! When you have a foundation like that to build on just listen the funk they produced! RIP Rocco!
  2. i got to play two shows this past weekend. First show was supposed to be outside but rains from Beta moved us inside. It was fun making music with other musicians. I have done about 6 solo shows since March 12. I wrote a song "I Don't Want to Play by Myself Anymore" although my musical buds think it should be With Myself Anymore!
  3. I am tuning in here because I have a QSC TouchMix 16 and love it. I have not recorded live with it but Im thinking about recording rehearsals. My DAW is PreSonus Studio One and I thought it would be great to us the QSC for on site recording and then mix on Studio One!!
  4. MY philosophy here is everyone is entitled to their own ridiculous opinions! I have several musicians that I work with that are clearly not on my thought/belief path. I like making music with them, but will not discuss certain things with them. They are not going to change their minds nor will I so that is where I disengage. Music is about music, I just agree to disagree on the other stuff and tune it out!!! Music is fun, when it gets to a point it is not fun, adios amigo!
  5. I've had some doozies! Cruise Ships are a pain in the arse to get loaded on and they usually put you in a room on the opposite end of the ship. Played at several Carolina Hurricanes games. you arrive at 3:30 load in through the lobby, into an elevator (several trips). Into a staging room and then you wait! at 7pm you move equipment from storage room to dinning room and play. End of the game you get to pack up about 11-11:30pm LONG DAY! WORST: BALD HEAD Island. ONE you unload the truck onto little trams.Trams take equipment to the dock. TWO load equipment from tram onto carts that fit the ferry boat. Once on the island THREE Load equipment from carts onto Trams again and the take you to the gig location. Unload and set up!!! END OF THE NIGHT REPEAT!!!
  6. I have always enjoyed and appreciated bass players. As a blues/soul player Bass is what holds or drives the music I play. I am blown away by the groove he creates even though he plays so many notes. Very talented!
  7. I don't think I have heard a better sounding sampled or live Rhodes!!! I know my old Mark I was muddy in the lower midrange. It makes me wonder how it would feel playing those samples on a modern controller. Part of the Rhodes experience was the mushy slow keyboard that made me play it differently from a piano. On another subject I seem to remember an interview with Joe Sample where he said most players turned the Rhodes volume wide open, but he prefered half volume on the Rhodes and turning up the amp. I never had an amp powerful enough to do that back in the day!
  8. Eric is the Master of mobile keyboard rigs!!!
  9. Dave, that is my plan as well. My house is only 750sqft so moving to another room is not an option. I sold pianos for a couple years and learned how to use a grand slide. I moved it into this house with the help of several friends. I was just curious how someone else had tackled this delema. I will cut the carpet around the piano and use plywood to roll it into place after I install the hardwood.
  10. I need to move my 6'10 Kawai Grand around so I can remove old carpet and install new Hardwood flooring. Any suggestions? I was thinking about trying to rent a spider dolly like they have in concert halls but I really have no idea what that would cost and need to do this on the cheap since I have no work at this time.
  11. If you don't want to go to the trouble to make an adapter, our own Markeyboard may have a few left. He was selling them for the cost of components if I recall correctly! I have been using one from him for several years!
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