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New Casio Privias - Lost In Translation

Brad Kaenel

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Found this "translation" of a press release about the new Privias. It's quite obviously been feed through a computer translator, and the grammar and word-selection is just plain funny:


"The imaginative Casio PX-830 offers the playability and grumble distinction of a all-inclusive piano in a slim, classy fuselage with a front-to-back abyss of at best 275 mm. The PX-830 boasts slim dimensions with a abyss from pleasant b uncovered to casual on a countenance of at best 275 mm, thanks to a humble construction with a minutest toddler up of parts. With a smashing one-piece rotating keyboard dwelling-place and other insightful concern features, the PX-830 embodies the unexceptional loveliness of a piano in an generous, linear bottom line apropos the finest ideal in the Privia column. The keys announce what is on ones mind a matte cadaverous ivory culmination that offers a untroubled to all appearances on fingertips. When a explanation is not fully released and thereupon pressed again, the imaginative piano intention continue to deportment the exact same note, recreating the persuasiveness of a all-inclusive piano. The PX-830 keyboard uses three-sensors to establish explanation strokes.


"There are no springs in the keyboard-the keys action branch directed their own hammer avoirdupois. Lower notes deportment pretty heavier than higher notes, with a hard-headed explanation ignite.The Casio PX-830 features newly developed grumble begetter and keyboard technologies that aid it to logically connote the engrossed spectrum of on velvet all-inclusive piano tones from pianissimo to fortissimo.The PX-830 is at once obtainable in a modish bleak wood culmination or an generous bleak civilized culmination."



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Better info I've read claims that only the top-of-the-line PX-830 has the ivory sim keys; PX-730, -330, -130 have standard plastic.


That said, I'm not sure I want to know what a "matte cadaverous ivory culmination" feels like!

Legend '70s Compact, Jupiter-Xm, Studiologic Numa X 73






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Here's the same text translated a bit better ...


I don't think so. I think they've confused the issue. Does it come with a grumble begetter or not?




Hahaha! :thu:

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Sorry to be a party-pooper, but - that translation is funny and everything, I'm just not sure if I buy that it's authentic.


While it's certainly possible that it's a fake, I've been in high tech a long time, and I've seen LOTS of chingrish tech manuals. This one is pretty funny, but it's not flagrantly worse than actual, printed technical manuals that I have personal held in my own two hands.


Beyond that, I have no knowledge about this particular example.



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That reads like any computer motherboard manual. I just got an MSI Wind netbook, and when I fired it up, it did some kind of automated software load that said on the screen something like "please to be wait while Window load for first time"

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You know, there's a whole web site dedicated to pics of this kind of stuff. From the folks that bring you http://icanhascheezburger.com/ and http://ihasahotdog.com/

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