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  1. Yeah, now would be a good time to sell. I"ve got a Wurlitzer 200 with Warneck amp as well as the original, Juno 6 still in its original cardboard box. I find my Maschine Komplete Kontrol setup gets the job done well.
  2. At the moment I"m using 50watts. What are you using for your dehumidifier? I have to factor in cost plus noise. As this is totally silent and we live on a cul-de-sac, it seems a great option. It"s not massively humid in the garage, in general between 60-70% at its most humid, but I"d like my gear to be in normal home humidity levels of 40â50%
  3. Done a few mods, Leslie I have a rough service 20w bulb on a clamp on the right, to the left is a wardrobe hanging dehumidifier. Centre is a hygrometer. Went in after a few hours and it was 22C internally and 16C externally. Humidity was 38% internally, 55% prior to heating cabinet. BX3 has a 5v USB fan pushing air out over a 27W heater/dehumidifier combo (contains desiccant granules) Both Leslie and BX3 have been coated with ACF50. That includes circuit boards on BX3 and power amp/metal parts aside from belt/o-rings on Leslie. ACF50 is used in military and aviation on airframes and electronic components to stop corrosion. Should keep everything nice in garage. First time I"ve had lid off BX3 and there"s plenty of space to mount my HX3 inside. Using thermal synthetic covers, not cotton which would pull in moisture and hold it
  4. I used to use an X stand, and fitted the second tier bars the opposite way around so the top keyboard key fronts was in line with the back of the keys on lower keyboard.
  5. I didn"t realise bulbs would generate so much heat. Thanks for that info! I"d assumed the contrary. I have a hygrometer which measure 78% humidity in the garage yesterday so I"ll get one of those rough bulbs and pop the Leslie in over night with the cover on and see what it measures at with bulb in place.
  6. It would certainly work in the space of a Leslie, but I"d want it running 24/7 so needs to be 5-10 watts for it not to show on my monthly bill that I"d notice. Plus the energy used wouldn"t be purely heat but primarily light with heat as secondary result. I"ve got the option of installing a mini thermostat as well. Yes I"m in the UK Mike, non stop rain the last month! I have those wardrobe sachets Chris, but I think a heat source would be more suitable with electronics than just a moisture trap which tends to be used with fabrics and stuff.
  7. I want to store and use my Leslie and BX3 in my garage but worry about moisture content over long periods. Thinking of installing enclosure heaters on both. Any of you guys fitted any yourself. Looks like I"ll only need 10 watts each. https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/c/enclosures-server-racks/enclosures/enclosure-heaters/ If I recall correctly, I"m sure some Hammonds had heaters fitted at factory.
  8. I"d have to say Dolly Parton was probably the biggest I"ve witnessed in concert.
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