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Your favorite rock tune keyboard intros

Jeff Klopmeyer

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...The first things that come to my mind are "Light My Fire" and "Gimme Some Lovin'".

As far as things from albums; there are tons

of ELP tunes (Hoedown, Pictures at an Exhibition,

Karn Evil 9, etc.) with great intros.

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Tough one ... some that come to mind right away


"Firth of Fifth" - Genesis

"Lamb lies down on broadway " - Genesis

"Space-dyed Vest" - Dream Theater

"Karn evil 9" - ELP

"Hoedown" - ELP

"Carried by Wind" - Ayreon

"One small step" - Ayreon

"Riders on the storm" - Doors


Does "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" count? That is an intro!!!!!! :)


Does "Shock the monkey" count?



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I like "Fooling Yourself" by Styx, which incidentally, is subtitled "The Angry Young Man." Hammond organ and synth layered quite euphonically. One definitely gets the impression they were trying to cop the ELP / Genesis vibe on that one, but it's still darn good.


For some unknown reason, the synthesized pipe organ intro to Ozzy's "Mr Crowley" just popped into mind as well.

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Steve Miller--Jet Airliner


I'm still transported to magical places when I hear that. And a hearty "me too" on Hoedown and Lamb. Oh, and toss Watcher of the Skies in there too.



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Some that I haven't seen mentioned before:


Genesis - Eleventh Earl of Mar, ABACAB

Elton John - Gray Seal

Deep Purple - Hard Road

Argent - Rejoice

Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady

ELP - The Barbarian

Vanilla Fudge - Bang Bang





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Originally posted by mate_stubb:

Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady

I was gonna put that one, but then I thought about it and realized that only the first eight note ascending chromatic scale is keyboards, then the band comes in.


The signature line by which the tune is best known isn't really an intro, it's more the basis of the tune, and the organ only plays it once before the guitar joins...I dunno - tough call...





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Funny, no one's mentioned Jump. ;)




P.S. I used to sell Lowrey organs out of a mall store in Trenton, NJ, from '83 to '85. Every kid and his brother came in to hack through Jump. Made me want to go postal...

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Well, since all of the good ones are taken already, how about some Eddie Jobson?


Alaska, great roaring CS80, especially on UK Live, going into Time To Kill


Presto Vivace, also on UK Live, which is actually the third "movement" in In The Dead Of Night, one of their best songs


Danger Money, with the huge organ-like CS80 chords clashing wonderfully with the bass. Or maybe it was CS80 doubled with Hammond


Heck, most of Eddie's songs should be in here, he was a monster. I would put Jordan Rudess in here too, but his beginnings are usually so odd or understated.


Oh btw, the synth intro to Elton's Funeral For A Friend was done on one of the early Arp Omnis. The string synth chords were a clue of it. I think the 2600 was only doing the wind sounds but I could be wrong. It was a very basic synth but was capable of some big sounds.


Time for this mouse to crawl under the covers, as I'm supposed to be working on a music project today...

This keyboard solo has obviously been tampered with!
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