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Minor Blues Suggestions

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Just for grins, I have been working on playing Five Spot After Dark in all keys.  I'm kinda bored with that tune now, so I am looking for suggestions for other minor blues tunes to work on.  Right now, I prefer tunes that are true minor, not just minor 7th Dorian mode.



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Thanks Docbop - exactly the thing I needed.  Mr. PC would be a perfect minor blues for me to study in all keys.


And I should do the same with many of the tunes on that list.

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Thanks for the mention of Five Spot After Dark. I don't know that tune and now I want to learn it. I was about to mention Loan Me A Dime, then D. Gauss did first. It's a classic slow rock blues with a 6/8 feel. I love to play the descending line over the chords.


I just started to play in a jazz jam group, reading charts. Docbop's link includes one of the tunes that is also new to me that we're doing in the jazz group:

5. Birk’s Works – easy minor blues head


Also in that group, and in previous jams, I've done Stolen Moments. It has several bars that walk up then down chromatically in minor chords, but the solos are just a Cm blues.Stolen Moments.pdf

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St. James Infirmary is a fun little tune with fun passing chords. It's a good starter for teaching yourself stride left hand.

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Some Coltrane and Tyner is probably worth looking into for natural minor/aeolian rather than dorian. 'Equinox' was already mentioned but IIRC that is mostly using dorian. 'Contemplation' by McCoy Tyner is definitely natural minor. It has a 16-bar form but the changes are very similar to a minor blues. And it has a cool 3/4 rhythm with a 4+2 feel. 

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How about a 24-bar minor blues? Actually this is a 12-bar blues played doubletime, with some different changes going on on the head. Might be challenging to grab the arrangement but it's a great example of early McCoy so just listen and enjoy. Thanks to this thread I just did that! I forgot how much I liked this album - I believe it was his first as a leader.


(The music seems to be online too).



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