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  1. I couldn't figure out that's happening with the bass either!
  2. This was a real treat to find. Two keyboardists playing OBX and Prophet 5s, plus a drummer with some kind of syn-cussion for handclaps. Check out the super quick patch change when the keyboardist on the right takes the solo!
  3. I just bought the 11” Pro M4 iPad. imwas upgrading from a 6 year old model and the difference is amazing. It’s so fast, the screen is gorgeous and the four internal speakers sound great. One of the reasons I stretched the budget was to somewhat future proof my purchase. I don’t use software instruments, but wanted to get into Dorico on the iPad. So far, it’s been wonderful.
  4. I remember seeing Arturo Sandoval perform in Sydney many years ago. The first two songs were "Moment's Notice" and "Giant Steps". Both were burning salsa arrangements. It was astounding. They hit hard from the first bar!
  5. Not wanting to offend or be controversial, but I think it’s a really weak song. Maybe it’s just me…
  6. I find it challenging at times, but usually there’s little I can about it except structure the set so the first tune or two is easy and a warmup per se. I find doing some practice in the morning of any gig generally flows through to the evening - it really makes a difference. most days I do an hour of scales (115bpm) and hanon. This helps enormously. My hands feel pretty good at the moment, which inspires confidence.
  7. Rick Beato is 100% correct. Music is too easy to make and consume. AI is just going to make it worse. Ditch your Spotify accounts! I will continue practicing, studying regardless, but if I hear one more beat-maker-type refer to themselves as a ‘musician’ or ‘producer’, I might commit a crime.
  8. You most definitely don't get paid enough!
  9. I went to the store yesterday to play the new Minimoog and the OBX8. both sounded amazing from the first note. Very inspiring. I definitely want to own the OBX8 - the tone is what I relate to. Sure it’s ‘limitied’ compared to modern feature sets, but modern synths don’t have that sound.
  10. There wasn’t time to try it as the shop was already closed, but the owner kindly reopened when he saw staring at all the vintage synths in the window: MonoPoly, MS10, Juno106, JX8P etc. I might go back to try it.
  11. Check out this ESQ1 I found today in a Sydney used instruments store- it’s a Japanese release model and has these futuristic sloping end bells. It also has some kind of sequencer kit installed.
  12. please don’t recommend Scribd - that site is a cesspool of copyright infringement. Some a#$hole decided they had the right to publish my PhD thesis on Jazz Organ there for the whole world to have for free. Luckily once I wrote to Scribd, they took it down. if any book is worth having, then it’s worth paying for.
  13. Sure, I worked at Turramurra Music. Great music store with consistently good people.
  14. It’s possible they were less reliable in markets like Australia with 240v power - I seem to remember something about the power supplies not being suitable, even though they were rated for 240v.
  15. Hi Jim, my first job out of school was working in a music store, selling keyboards in the day while gigging at night. The ESQ-1 was something I sold a lot of, but unfortunately it was unreliable and many customers returned them for repair or simply demanded their money back. It certainly had a unique palette of sounds for the time though. I had every iteration of Ensoniq’s samplers except for the Mirage: these were pretty useful instruments, especially once I got a 20 MB (yes) removable hard drive for my ASR10 rack. In 1990 I had a whole electronic dance music band sequenced to the gills and it sounded very pro and like the records we were emulating. Still, the reliability thing was still an issue. On my final gig of a tour with a major Australian artist, and my parents in the audience, the ASR crashed, unbeknownst to me. So, during a tender ballad introduction, I go to creep in behind the singer with some tender strings…only to find that the ASR10s crash had sent the instrument to full volume and blew everyone’s ears out. It’s funny now that I think about - an example of comedy = tragedy + time. Darren.
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