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  1. i use one of these via bluetooth to an IPAD. $179 new. Can find them for $100 used. Have one scene programmed for VB3 and one for B3x.
  2. One of my bandmates played bass for Pinetop for years. Lotsa good stories.
  3. also, make sure you try flipping the USB C adapter orientation. Being symmetrical, it is not supposed to make a difference which way you plug it in, BUT in my experience with keys/ipads/power it DOES make a difference. Worth trying anyways.
  4. Or you could go mono and buy this for 29k https://reverb.com/item/80818871-moog-mini-moog-actual-david-bowie-ziggy-one-with-original-case-and-provenance-1970s-dark-wood?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=us-dpa-all-value-1d-2024.Q1&utm_content=90D Sessions&utm_term=This gear looks good on you.&utm_id=120213213319430456&fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3_ARl6fbXVjJUJADWtzTsiALCcWPeppLXejThX2Rxt0LLnfMhUBhluefc_aem_ASVDaVLAK6Pf_3TN2WwFEOewDMGJQFZDSzKJ9Cvp3_XaqEipVIIbp4xZKQ00WLBiJMclghILbQyVBzXFqpIl8NjL
  5. AUM runs on windows? Being that Reaper is a DAW, it wouldn't be my first (or even 3rd) choice for a live keyboard rig. In my case, I spend 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week with Reaper recording clients in the studio. Your post mentioned dated 32 bit VSTs. If your goal is to use them, then Windows and Reaper with it's ability to easily bridge 32 to 64bit plugs will meet that goal.
  6. FWIW, Reaper bridges 32 bit plugs automatically. No muss, no fuss, Easy Peasy. As JoJoB3 mentioned above, Reaper is IMO the best DAW out there. Insanely powerful and stable.
  7. Not always, and it never hurts to inquire/check it out. I posted elsewhere about someone giving away a beautiful, pristine condition Yamaha C7, which i passed on (no room for it), but it later ended up in a club I play at. I have a beautiful Baldwin M grand that i got the same way.
  8. Can't speak for the others, but the cheapie aliexpress one also acts a pseudo host. E.g. I use one to send wireless sysex commands from an ipad to a zoom fx floor pedal.
  9. forgot the link: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256805388086678.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.15.6c371decrDt9Ki&algo_pvid=88edf242-fbe1-43f6-ae7b-4f43f7bdd7bf&aem_p4p_detail=202404150750352254074347547210007943985&algo_exp_id=88edf242-fbe1-43f6-ae7b-4f43f7bdd7bf-7&pdp_npi=4%40dis!USD!21.88!11.38!!!158.00!82.16!%402103011017131926351385304e1177!12000033606935637!sea!US!895263882!&curPageLogUid=AoQtJ7VRDeII&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A&search_p4p_id=202404150750352254074347547210007943985_3
  10. get the 11 dollar one from aliexpress.
  11. Just saw on the FB marketplace. I have nothing to do with this, but it's out there. Won't post a link as, FB is weird about that, but if you're interested, search,.. it's a white baby grand just north of the NJ/NY border. Could be great. Who knows, but def worth looking into.
  12. my theory laughably sucks (so be kind, i can't read music), but if it's just repetition, isn't that just the same as iiim to I, until another chord shows up? e.g. Pretenders "Mystery Achievement?"
  13. link? can't seem to find that in app store. is it better than swam stuff?
  14. Yamaha P121 73 key weighted action piano. Showed up on FB while i was at a gig. Sent message. Turns out it was literally in the apartment building directly across the street from the club i was playing at. Sent them $250 Venmo. Walked across street on break and picked it up. Went back and finished gig. Gotta love NYC sometimes. Yay, about 21 lbs and it fits across the backseat of a car with ease.
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