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OT: Sir Roger Moore RIP

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Spy who Loved me was my first movie, I saw it at the theater and they gave special programs away. I still have it. Some of his moments with Q were hilarious.

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I always liked him. What was that show be and Tony Curtis used to do? (I know, I'm old.)


Fun little detail, I'm sure many fans already know this. In the movie version of the Saint, in the closing scene, as Val Kilmer is driving away, he turns on the radio in his car. The DJ is Roger Moore.


RIP, Sir Roger.

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Bond, Saint, but Maverick was my favorite Moore when growing up in the B&W days.



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Everybody says Connery was the greatest Bond, but Moore was the Bond of my generation. Say "James Bond" and I instinctively picture Roger Moore.

Me as well. My first bond movie was Live n Let Die. I didn't connect to Connery like earlier Bond fans do. Roger Moore was Bond to me.

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I found it funny when I recently learned that Sean Connery left the role because he thought he was too old, and the producers hired Roger Moore, who was older!

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On other sites I've documented my belief that Timothy Dalton was shaping up to be the best Bond, the truest to the Ian Fleming books, and my personal favorite. Even though I consider Moore the worst Bond after Lazenby, he had the reputation of being one of the nicest, humble men in the business. I saw this and wanted to share:






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