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  1. I haven’t paid much attention but it sounds like Cain’s wife is right wing active, and Schon is pretty hard left and hates Cain plays to right wing audiences. Anyone jumping into the fray with obvious political phrases or books displayed in the video frame probably isn’t unbiased. I didn’t care enough to listen to him even if he’s unbiased. And yeah - their lawsuits and fighting go way back a long time before these latest personality / political based differences from what I’ve heard. No idea bout the merits of the CC dispute Cain filed. Just in general a high limit band credit card that one guy can ring things up on without any spend checks or band input doesn’t sound like a good idea, especially if he’s not great friends with the others. I’d think he should use his own accounts and submit expenses to the band in a more financially controlled process. But hey - not my band.
  2. We played it in a mid-80s alt band, the only Cars song we did and it was always a fave of our regulars. My keyboard back then was a JX-3P and it couldnt even come close to CP30 but no one cared. I mentioned I did a full up Cars tribute 10 yrs ago and it was a staple that people always like but in truth it never gets anywhere close to the audience reaction of Just What I Needed, which gets crowds singing and jumping up out of chairs and onto the floor like Dont Stop Believin or Living On a Prayer. Don’t ask me why … something about common denominators i guess, it just is. Most any modern keyboard can emulate JWIN saw and square wave synth sounds easily. CP-30 really is a unique sound, good luck to OP finding a great emulation. Fortunately no crowd will notice the difference that OP, as an expert, knows is there - they’d need to hear side by side in real time to say “yeah its more like that one”. Otherwise they won’t know.
  3. I use gaffer tape so it doesnt leave residue if i have a backlined x-stand or something. I use an x-stand set low for practicing at home (sitting height) also, i just deal with some movement and stop between songs and move it usually. My stage stand for local gigs is the Ultimate AX-48 (I play standing), it has horizontal foot braces that stop forward movement when i play live so I don’t need to tape it down. If you don’t want to tape, a non-slip pad as others recommend will work great and is simple and cheap
  4. I don’t know the library would play in an ES. It was originally made for either XS or XF and it has waveform samples made for those editions.
  5. Hey Dave, I’d thought for some reason you had some Yammy romplers in your quiver but your sig doesn’t indicate it now. I played a Cars band now almost 10 yrs ago and so I sought out a CP30 library for my Motif XF as its such a great unique sound unlike any other EPS i have found. I don’t buy the recommendations for other EPS, I mean sure you can play it but its not the same. I found a library that had it, it made SUCH a difference. There were a dozen or more songs form the first 2 albums he used CP30 on, songs like Its All I Can Do and of course BBL. There’s a Motif library out there thats compatible with newer boards like MODX and Montage. I could figure out what it was if you’d be able to use the info … PM me or something for more
  6. If you’re playing clubs/festivals etc with quality FOH - what you have on stage is simply for you and I tend to not overthink it. Good festivals have good monitor systems and I don’t even bring a stage amp. I don’t have a clone, beats me on your first question. I generally and firmly believe PPAs sound better for all keys than all keyboard amps - that doesn’t mean I’m right. I think what you want is the cleanest purest reproduction of your key signal - not colored by the amp or speaker. Any coloring or shaping you want, do it within the keyboard itself Wedge is to generalized to comment - depends on what it is. ZLX isn’t EV’s best sound quality - you’d get a very noticeable improvement with step up to higher EV lines. I’ve run the ELX for awhile and love it - but a pair of EKX or ETX are even better and sound simply amazing are a lot more versatile and more powerful. I looked on ms website, I didn’t see they post the SPL output of the KP500 - I don’t look at any amps speakers PPAs etc that don’t post their complete specs. ten more posts will give you ten more opinions, … the answer is personal, you’ll have to decide
  7. I’ve played lots of festivals where all they have is a big stack of mono DIs - they just connect two to my stereo outputs. I’m like the rest here - I’ve never had a festival say they didn’t have DIs or get annoyed to connect stereo. They never object to stereo either. Only time I get asked to play mono is the smallest of shitty dive bars or when I want to plug into the lead singer’s crap home PA in a garage lol. Even small dive bars, if they have a sound engineer he’ll almost always connect stereo. I always bring my own DIs. I have a Radial D2 stereo and a Samson that can combine stereo in’s to mono XLR while passing thru the two stereo to monitors (if house insists on mono FOH but I have stereo stage monitors). Key-Largo looks bitchin, i don’t run multiple keyboards or thats what I’d get. OP’s starting of this tread talked about more than one keyboard. In that case I recommend he have a small mixer. Key-Largo isn’t the only option but it looks really cool with tiny footprint and lots of channels - plus you get Radial’s known quality circuitry and DI protection. But OP could use any of a number of small 4 channel mixers if preferred. FOH MAY get annoyed with a keyboardist who expects them to run 3 different stereo keyboards (6 channels both in FOH as well as their monitor system. Thats expecting too much. Mix yourself down to two stereo outs to FOH and you should be fine. ALWAYS have a DI between your boards and FOH. thats why I always have my own in gig bag just in case. But if he has his own, i leave mine stored in the bag - once less thing to pack up and don’t have to worry about stage crew taking it on accident.
  8. I learn to the key the studio band recorded (noting sometimes bands themselves are de tuned). If a band wants to shift it, i change the tuning for that song program/patch to match the band. To each his own …
  9. The “throbbing” is synched to the time signature of the Performance. Its not merely a random meaningless gratuitous throb, you wankers! I turned the throb off immediately as its just all too much for me - but I could see the use of having a visual indicator of the song meter for some situations for some players. My problem is I just don’t know how to program it very well - i use it very little because I’m lazy and uneducated.
  10. JMO and we all have them, but the 7 is too compact and light to ever consider the 6. Easiest no-brainer ever imo.
  11. Long ago while I was waiting for my pal at Guitar Center to work up my MODX7 deal, they had a MODX8 out on display and I sat down to play it. It was practically unplayable - just horrible. Like running in mud, slowest keybed i ever played. I could only imagine it was either a bad unit or got beat to shit on the floor - Yamaha couldn’t have come out with a weighted keybed that bad. I didnt want a weighted board so I didn’t dwell on it. MODX7 - its fine for me, it is what it is. I think its better than MOXF6, not as good as Motif XF7.
  12. The only people that ever hear clacking are my family when I’m practicing with headphones in my office lol. I play loud ass rock n roll - nobody can hear my keys when i play. I got used to the action, it is what it is. Adjust and play. I love the power of MODX in a 16 lb board i can carry in a backpack and move around with basically one hand. controls above left corner vs side allows it to be very short for a 76 keybed, also handy in tight dive bar stages. Its short and light enough to fly in an SKB TSA case as standard luggage, not oversize/overweight. there are pros and cons to all choices. I still have my Motif XF7 - i have used it for one gig since MODX came out. It does have nicer action, feels more substantial and “sure” underneath me. I think it sounded a tad “warmer” too - i think it has better D/A output circuits. I prefer the convenience and gig-ease of the MODX7 though. The UI is so much better and much easier schlep. I have medium size hands - the slightly narrow keys are much more benefit than detriment for me. I could see some guys out there with mammoth fat fingers not digging it, i guess Yamaha’s research concludes there are still more small-handed people buying keyboards. Havent we all had this same discussion when MODX first came out? lol …
  13. Someone’s starting point is usually the insight to their path then taken. I’ve been playing only Motif XF, MOXF and now MODX for the last 10 years, I find MODX extremely easy to do the things that were much more difficult on the other two. Especially MOXF - menu diving to get to basic parameters was torture - if I hadn’t already learned Yamaha structure on the XF, I never would have found or learned it on MOXF. I personally find other boards completely confusing - because I don’t have practical experience using or modifying their programs. MODX/Montage is by far the best UI Yamaha has ever offered us. MODX set list is so easy compared to the others. We used to have to buy Melas library manager tool to do basic set re-ordering simply. That meant connect to laptop, download bank(s) to be used, reorder, and reload back to keyboard. On MODX i don’t ever bother to connect to anything - even if the list is completely different, it takes me at most 3 minutes to re-order a 25 song set list. I do wish there was a drag/drop feature to slide a performance BETWEEN two performances in the list but its a small knit. I can easily re-program order on stage while the drummer is getting his f-in bass drum mic checked if the lead singer arrives and demands a re-order on the fly. I am intrigued by MODX+ - will wait to learn more. A VS would be a reason to jump in for me.
  14. A consistent $5/head would be appreciated lol I’m not a Boss fan, i find his music derivative common denominator and uninteresting but thats just me. He is surrounded by a very talented collection of top shelf musicians, of course, so if the music suits - I expect it would not disappoint. If people buy the tickets, then the price is “fair” in a market sense. Not a working man’s rock band and I’m also sure he knows. he doesn’t owe me anything - i don’t care obviously. The ability for working class folk to get Boss tickets is probably not a cause I’ll take up
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