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  1. Wow -- Piano technology has finally arrived in the 21st 20th century! Quick Svengle to augment my memory: Reproducing pianos (including velocity and presumably pedals) have been around for a long time. Edvard Grieg "recorded" some of his own playing in 1906. Oh, and someone's selling a Steinway reproducing piano that was made in 1925.
  2. But wait, there's more! Corporations avoid moving their HQ to West Virginia because of our B&O tax. I heard that phrase for decades before I finally found out that it referred to "Business and Operation tax."
  3. What a wonderful phrase! I'll be stealing that one.
  4. I would recommend two songs to give an idea of Omartian's keyboard chops: "Jeremiah" and "Mainstream."
  5. Do I understand properly that due to the exciter also being the damper, the pianet, like a harpsichord, could not have a sustain pedal? If I have that right, on that basis alone I would prefer DW's damper-pedal-enabled patch to the real thing. Let the pitchforks and torches commence. I can take it.
  6. I have two two-tier onstage Z-stands for that very reason -- it's the only height- and tilt-adjustable second tier I could find. My PC4-7 sits maybe 3 inches (if that) above my 88-key Nektar controller. Unlike the Ultimate Support Apex (height adjustable, I admit), the On-Stage also leaves plenty of space for my numerous pedals. It's also solid as a proverbial rock. The only negative is that it takes time to set up and knock down, especially if you take it down to carrying-bag size..
  7. Big fan of Michael Omartian here. Bought a couple of his albums in the 80s. Omartian Odyssey in particular was quite mind blowing. Y'all probably know he did most of the arranging for Billy Joel's Piano Man album.
  8. Welcome back, dude! It's great to "hear" from you on the forum again Your youtube videos were a major factor in my PC3 / VAST education.
  9. I'm in -- Mike, feel free to get me onto the beta tester list. 😉 My first owned (vs borrowed) synth was a CZ-1, and it was a fantastic upgrade from the -1000 and the -101, providing both velocity and aftertouch, and very musical envelope generators. With a CZ-1 stacked over my EPS 13-minus, I felt invincible.
  10. A PC4-61 would presumably sell for about $1600; A K2700-61 would include a couple of pounds more iron, a wooden side plate, and sell for $2500 for the same amount of engineering effort. I would expect Kurz inc. to go for the higher price.
  11. You guys are harsh! Excepting maybe Avalon (who could've made a nice impression if he had played trumpet earlier, just to show that, well, he could play trumpet) and Walsh, I thought all of them (a) had fun, and (b) played in an entertaining manner. That includes decent licks by Osmond on the keytar.
  12. Depending on the price, I think I woulda gone for a K2(7)61 over my PC4-7, although I like the latter a great deal. Small and solid, with a semi-weighted 88 controller attached, would suit me fine. It would also be a helluva lot easier to find a case that fits it. Here's hoping Kurz doesn't price it in the unattainable (for me) Nord zone.
  13. I'm pretty sure the PC4 orchestral samples are either the same as, or a superset of, the PC3. Like you, I have both. Is it possible that it's a velocity response issue from playing on two different keybeds?
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