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  1. John Evan with Tull should be mentioned .....also Max Middleton with Beck and Jan Hammer ... Edgar Winter... T. Lavitz w/o a doubt... Tony Kay on the 1st Yes album 'Fragile' .... all dues to Rick W. ... Jon Lord....Hopkins for sure....! Benmont.. Seth Justman just for how loud his Leslies were (and his playing) , my lord ... they were loud even in large halls...legend..they opened live alot for many shows in rocks vaudville years around here...Mike Pinder with the Moody Blues... who was doing that with a Mellotron then?. Mike Finnigan ...Joe Sample, Dr. John, Bobby Whitlock.Philligaines (sp), George Duke with Zappa ... it's like different flavors of Ice Cream.... no one Holy Grail for the Templers of Rock keys.... still alot of people missing ...the Brit in Colosseum, Dave Greenslade ... if you wanted to go all the way back to the Fillmore East (and West), though I remember the East shows more from listening to the local radio in NYC then -Virgil Fox also Chick Corea or Joe Z.... maybe we need to add a sherbet or a gellato line ...all different players and skills and personalities and spirits is best part of the this thread for me. Robert Persig's metaphysics of 'Quality''s concepts come to mind from his books.... what is quality he asked in his books.... he thought he had an answer .. got pretty far to... good reads
  2. Garth Hudson should be mentioned, did anyone mention him?!
  3. This is halarious, sounds like the attitudes of the late 50's and early 60's to me, everything in a black and white ... people so resistant to any change....Nixon's 'silent majority'.
  4. I know Jeff actuals plays some piano and guitar and who knows what else .... And ah!!.... then there is Michelle in this also🙃she doesn't need to play anything as far as I'm concerned as long as she just plays herself.
  5. Good Luck Eric... I think your going to have alot of fun man. I agree with niacin here below, I checked out the later Rolands when they came out, the 5080 and the XR and I thought had that 'Crispy Critters' overly digital clarity to them, almost like FM in nature to some degree... not warm enough for my tastes, good for some material I suppose. I think the 3080 was one of the last synth axes they produced with the old Jupiter-8 vibe to it, especially evident on stereo patchs and effects and the sounds in general...but if you put something into the 3080's SRX slots, which I never have, I'd be curious to hear what they sound like through the 3080 hardware and DAC's... I kept my 2nd 3080, I had 2 that I bought for that gladly defunct 80's band project w/ old friends from the city, just a bad idea to get back together on. Both 3080's were in primo shape!
  6. iI had an OB Xpander for about 4 years … great piece of gear. modular gear in a box…I sold it to a studio owner that didn't really understand it's power admittedly to me and let me kind of know he was uninterested in the details about it but he knew he needed one to entice more artists into his Manhatten recording studio, this was the late 80's, 89 or so! ...Sold it for just about what I paid for it ($2,200 if I remember, this new clone I see is 3 times that ) , it had became and 80's musical tech icon by the point ('89) when I sold mine..... A lot of things are routeable to everything else … like … almost the whole box, and then, into itself again. OCS 1's signal into Ramp Generator 1 then into LFO 1 then back into LFO1 again and what the heck back into LFO1 once again ... That then all into LFO 2 (setting new rates etc..)... all that into LFO 3 (new rates again) for shits and giggles... and then attach all that to open thethe Attack portion only of it's ADSR or the Decay, or the Sustain or the Release..it can bubble like a bubble making machine and then some... amazingly sick. There are limitiations to the routings in the original machine, I may have gone overboard in this description but not by much if at all...Modular gear in a box and not that hard to understand once you get the jist of it..and no patch chords.. all in software...Hours of fun, partially (actully for the most part and I need dough, I was getting married) why I got ride of it.... I really wanted to concentrate on pure music again and started piano study with alot of classical and serious jazz improve study, I had stoped playing any rock/blues all together for almost 3-4 years ... But none the less to my life's Darma...a very very seductive and attractive machine....in the right hands and head... a potent tool w/o a doubt! A true rabbit hole of a box... in the demo, I do recognize the ripping sound quaily of the OB's OSC's sound in it .... those sounds in the demo only a fraction of what it's capable of!
  7. We have a lot of cats in the house… sometimes … up to 5 … but down to 2 right now…. I was being silly..mostly.
  8. I try to be my own emotional support animal....
  9. My 73 has held up fine for over a year now, true I haven't giged it but my handle is Legatoboy for a reason... I try not to bash my keybeds in the heat of the moment for technique reasons and my hands, especially at this age. I think of it like a Wurly 200 action, it feels like that to me, which I always found a pleasent experience. I like playing acoustic piano samples on it...comfortable action for me, but at times I miss some of a fully weighted scaled action on piano sounds with it but not much. I would like to gig it, but I'm playing solo acoustic piano out only right now...
  10. I wonder if Billy Payne will be gigging one, funny how that's the 1st thing that came to my mind! i certaintly will not be, but would love to take a test drive anyway.....
  11. Opened for Bo Diddly once at an upscale club owned for the most part by Sam Ash, he was older and frail toward the end of his life about 18 years ago, sat down when he performed . but still his indomitable self and I was glad about that... remembering 1st hand the late 50's ....my wife almost knocked him down the stairs backstage, I freaked a bit as she told me that and called her 'name'!! after the fact, he was pretty fragile ...you gotta know most of them hated doing this show.... I've had to do some of those on a much smaller local scale on the scene out here on LI when I was gigging in the clubs more, you always walk off stage feeling a little, 'dirty'....at some point PR has a trap door in it..... somthing like that!!
  12. Pretty crazy (below), Rick Rubin's the diverse record producer is being intervied by a Nureo-Scientist from Stamford U about creativity..... sounds like philosophy from the Enlignment at times.../.TED Talk - Jarrett Kohn concert story in it - 'Frustration and Creativity' is below this one .... I don't want to think like this when being creative but it is good backgtound info I guess... things to consider.... The Jarrett story is pretty good in the beginning of the TED talk.. below that is the TED
  13. "Pianoteq sound metallic or plasticky. By no means." I only find it that way on the top end .... I like the low end and middle a lot actually and it feels and sounds more natural in those ranges to me. Varies from patch to patch that way .... some patches are better than others in terms of my complaints
  14. You know, when the 'swollows' come back to Capistrano ... nevermind....I corrected my spilling.
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