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  1. BIzarre - haven't heard of most of this lot ^^^^^ Is this US only?😁 Keith Emerson from a performance point of view, Rick Wakeman a close second. Tony Banks from a composition point of view Absolutely no competition IMHO - sorry no Yanks included 🤣
  2. I gig with my Kronos 61, Kronos 73 and Hammond SKXPro all the time. Fantom XR and ProSoloist Rack+ in the rack. It has to be done for the sake of authenticity of Genesis 🙂
  3. Every show. Very honoured people want to photo/video a tribute band. We don't even dress up like Genesis! I too look very authentic - everyone comments that Tony Banks looked miserable all the time and so do i - its called concentration!
  4. I'd put my SKX Pro up against the Mojo any day, no contest Jim
  5. SM10 here, used one for 10 years - the nice thing is the ability to input a mike as well as the keys in stereo and adjust headphone and output levels. Great piece of kit
  6. You want fast and technically challenging????
  7. You're absolutely right. I suppose a Chick Corea or Camel tribute would be the others to be interested but its a tiny market! The great thing about the Verghese ProS Rack + is that those effects are built in because he is a massive Genesis fan. My fingers are permanently crossed that mine doesn't die on me. I really wouldn't want to gig a ProS - Tony had SEVEN in The Farm because there were always one or two in for repair!
  8. I remember seeing the ProS for the first time when Genesis toured Selling England. The first synth I'd seen on top of a Hammond since Emersons Moog Model D. He then used it on Lamb Lies Down, Trick, Wind and Wuthering and Seconds Out. The ProS and ARP2600 were used on Trick and Wind. The ARP2600 was certainly used on Trick but for Entangled live he used ProS "Song Whistle" for the synth outro. For ATTWT he introduced the Quadra. Having had both the Pro S and Quadra there are no real crossovers - you can't get an accurage reproduction of ProS sounds on the Quadra, it always sounds "fatter".
  9. We play the Gabriel/Hackett era as I genuinely lost interest after And Then There Were Three. Interestingly one of the first songs we played was Battle of Epping Forest - a bit of a Marmite song - but it sounds so complex yet plays so easily when it's in your genes!
  10. 10 years ago, two vocalist and a couple of fluffs but its not too bad an attempt!
  11. Late to the party it seems, so echoing all that has been said above. He isn't really about Emerson or Wakeman flashy solos but having said that, as a tribute band player there are a few that are quite a handful! I still work hard at "In The Cage" and "Down and Out" is another tricky one. Then there is the string of keyboard changes in the "Robbery, Assaul and Battery" solo section! He was really about structure and no-one anywhere can structure chords and melodies in the same way - full stop. Just beautiful. He even squeezed texture out of his Hammonds without ever hitting "Fast" on the Leslies! Having learned most of Genesis' material (by ear) over the last 20 years, I still marvel at the way he would put chords together. Seven Stones is a big favourite and for a proper Mellotron solo you need go no further. The most complete track for me is "Can - Utility and The Coastliners" - it's got everything. I still get hairs standing up on my neck when I play these tracks - and I play them every week! Also worth mentioning "The Lamia" which has gorgeous piano intro and sweeping Mellotron. I'm amused at some of the comments about later tracks like Abacab, as they are pretty simple efforts not in the same league as the early albums. Having seen the Foxtrot tour in the 70's I'm firmly embedded in the prog era but I do appreciate his ability to structure the more commercial albums. The intro to Firth of Fifth has to be mentioned if only that it still occasionally can trip me up - he dropped it because of the limitations of the pianos at the time and it was a good move!
  12. Nothing wrong at all with the SKX - SKX Pro has the edge but it's all the law of diminishing returns
  13. Greg Lakes autobiography. Oh, what a lucky man he was 😁
  14. Greetings! Has anyone any experience of CME WIDI? Does it work in a live stage environment? R Alan
  15. My problem is fixed - it was a broken wire in the Leslie multiway connector.👌
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