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If you were allowed to have two keyboards only


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Inspired by the "one keyboard only" thread, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't be happy with just one board. But possibly two?


My nomination would be:

- Kronos 61 for the decent synth action and all-round sonic ability

- Yamaha CP4 for great action and AP voice, not too heavy.

That's versatile too - take just the Yamaha on lounge/solo piano gigs, the Kronos to jam nights/informal rehearsals, and both to band gigs.


I would just miss out on a waterfall action for organ playing.


I would welcome your thoughts.


Cheers, Mike.

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Depends on the gig. Personally due to some minor packrattting I can play different boards for different gigs. There is no one answer.


This summer for the 10 piece I'm taking out the S90xs (because I like it and it is paid for) and XK33c/vent rig (ditto). For the pop band I will use the Kronos 88 and FA-06 combo( no need for organ).... If it ever ships


I would love to have a Virus TI but the Kronos blew up my budget. I'm never buying anything again.

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#1 would still be my CP4.

#2, I really don't know for sure. I've always been pretty budget-conscious (prior to the CP4, that is) and size- and weight-conscious, so my boards have always been 'enough to get by'. I'm assuming that for this hypothetical, money would be no object, in which case I still don't really know. I liked what my M50 was able to do as my second board -- fairly easy to program splits and layers, multiple arpeggios and all that fun stuff -- but programming sounds I found to be much less intuitive (as I've found with every board since my old Roland D-10). Maybe there's a gap in my brainial function or something, but messing with tone creation to any great depth has somehow eluded me all these years. I mean, I can tweak the basic envelopes and tonal elements, but anything more complex than that remains beyond my comprehension. (I.e., I was absolutely awe-struck watching a video of Vince Clark whipping up the coolest sounds with a couple of flicks of the knobs on some analog modeling synth.) I'm also terrible at accounting, and I'm convinced those two are somehow related; but I digest... So my #2 board would have to be something with all the functionality of the M50, plus an interface that provided sound programming for idiots so I could maybe replicate all those cool analog synth effects from the 70's and later without pulling what little is left of my hair out.


But to qualify, for what I'm doing right now (and expect to be doing for the rest of my music days), I'd be quite content with just the CP4.

D-10; M50; SP4-7; SP6

I'm a fairly accomplished hack.

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Grand piano and Hammond organ. Double duh.




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Kronos 61 and CP4 is a good combination; it's been a core rig for me in several instances. While I've taken out an S90XS lately for a Pink Floyd tribute/pop band, I could make the CP4 cover the bottom tier synth stuff in a pinch; plus there's always the option to MIDI control the Kronos from the CP.


So if two keyboards was it, the CP4 / Kronos 61 combination would be my choice.

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I'm sure most giggers will agree 88/76/73k weighted action downstairs. 61k synth action upstairs.


Only one really needs the big guns. So I'd say.... Kronos 6 or PC3A6 up top.

And downstairs either PX-5S or CP4.


Or you could go Kronos 8 or Forte down stairs and a XK-3c, VR-09, or if you're not that hot for organ maybe FA-06 or Jupiter 50 up top.


If you've just come into your inheritance maybe Kronos 6 up top and Forte or Stage 2 downstairs. Although, I think these two in particular are very different boards.


Or if piano action is the priority and weight a non issue, maybe an MP11 below.


Yes of course, if you don't travel to gigs - acoustic grand and a B3 or CS-80 or a VV EP some crazy modular, etc etc.

Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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PC88 on bottom, K2000 or 2500 on top.


Yamaha MODX7, DX7, PSR-530, SY77/Korg TR-Rack, 01/W Pro X, Trinity Pro X, Karma/Ensoniq ESQ-1, VFX-SD

Behringer DeepMind12, Model D, Odyssey, 2600/Roland RD-1000/Arturia Keylab MKII 61



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Grand piano and Hammond organ. Double duh.





you got it :2thu:


and if you have to go somewhere to play that don't have them - stage2 and sk1...

gig: hammond sk-1 73, neo vent, nord stage 2 76, ancona 34 accordion, cps space station v3

home: steinway m, 1950 hammond c2


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Hmm. For the "one keyboard" I went with a Kurz, or possibly a 9' Baldwin.


If a man can dream: keep the 9' Baldwin, and add a 30 rank pipe organ. I'll get by on 3 manuals (Swell, Great, Choir) plus AGO pedals and lots o' pistons. I don't want to be greedy.

-Tom Williams

{First Name} {at} AirNetworking {dot} com

PC4-7, PX-5S, AX-Edge, PC361


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I seem to use the same rig over and over again: Nord Piano 2 below, Nord Electro 4D above. No, I'm not playing in a band that requires any synths -- just AP/EP sounds, big organ and a handful of samples. The rig is light, solid, sounds good and looks decent on stage. No complaints here.

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61 key waterfall action on top with 9 sliders and control knobs and any 88 weighted on the bottom. Quality beds on both is then the only other requirement. Having a VST setup minimizes requirements.


My current solution to the above requirements

StudioLogic VMK-161 Organ

Yamaha S90XS

Yamaha S90XS, Studiologic VMk-161 Organ

Small/powerful (i7, 32GB, M.2 SSD) PC controlled by 10" Touch Screen

Cantabile, Ravenscroft 275, Keyscape, OPX-II, Omnisphere 2, VB3, Chris Hein Horns, etc.

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I suppose it would be a Korg MS-20 and some sort of electro-mechanical jack of all trades keyboard like a Nord.
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If I were only allowed to have two keyboards, I think I'd get divorced.

Rich Forman

Yamaha MOXF8, Korg Kronos 2-61, Roland Fantom X7, Ferrofish B4000+ organ module, Roland VR-09, EV ZLX12P, K&M Spider Pro stand,

Yamaha S80, Korg Trinity Plus



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If money were no object, I'd have a Kronos2 88 or a Motif XF8 and an SK2.


I'm pretty happy with my FA08/SK1 73 combo right now. I like a 3rd board (Ultranova) for my Floyd band but the 2 boards covers everything else. With some more creative splits/layers I could probably make the 2 board setup work with the Floyd band as well. I'm only using the 'nova on a few songs but it does those sounds REALLY well.

Live: Korg Kronos 2 88, Nord Electro 5d Nord Lead A1

Toys: Roland FA08, Novation Ultranova, Moog LP, Roland SP-404SX, Roland JX10,Emu MK6



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I'd probably go with what I already have


Yamaha MM8 on bottom (Great feel, good sound, easy to use live), Hammond SK2 on top.


Although, I haven't yet checked to see how well the SK2 would fit on the top tier

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