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Musicians everyone likes


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I was reading the recent posts about Stevie, and it occurred to me that he is a musician for whom nobody ever has a bad word. Everyone loves him (I think). Another musician in this category is Bobby McFerrin, I would say. The criteria seem to be firstly, being a great musician, secondly, being a really nice person, thirdly, being humble and not arrogant. I suppose there is something 'universal' about their appeal. Would this be a fair summary? Who else fits the category? I can think of great musicians who don't meet the second or third requirements who divide opinion on a huge scale!
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If you take Stevie as an example, his music is approachable to the general public - everyone loves his songwriting - yet deeply substantive in a way that musicians can appreciate. The man writes hits that aren't garbage. I'm sure we can all rattle off a dozen "musicians's musicians" who are a little too much of an acquired taste for the general public. Similarly we can all name a bunch of pop stars who lack any apparent substance and/or discernible talent.


So I might suggest that part of your formula also involves the ability to achieve both critical and commercial success.

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Is this musicians and their music, their music, the musician as a musician, the musician as a person combined or aside from their music that everyone likes?


So far no one meets any of these possibilities.


I don't think the public has an opportunity to determine the last one.


If they meet one they don't necessarily meet the others for everyone.



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Keyboard Girl was lucky enough to meet Slash and Bryan Ferry and Dave Grohl. All really nice guys, very humble and down to earth.


She also had the misfortune to meet Sting on one occasion. "Right up his own arse" was her memorable comment.



Occasionally, do something nice for a total stranger. They'll wonder what the hell is going on!
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Anyone I've ever known (myself included) who's met Emo think Keith is one of the most approachable, easy-going guys there is. Friendly, and always takes time out for his fans. My personal experience with him ended up in a bar drinking and laughing at his stories.


I've heard the same thing for Rick Wakeman, but I've never had the pleasure. (Of course, no more drinking for him...)



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Spent some time on my 53rd birthday with Emerson and Brian Auger.Most down to earth and totally hilarious guys.A fun night to say the least.


Wow, that had to be a riot!



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I don't hate Stevie but I'm certainly not a big fan, his music is kind of cheesy to me.

So, you've only ever heard "Part Time Lover"? I would encourage you to listen to "Village Ghetto Land" and reassess your comment.

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Yeah, because these lyrics are SO cheesy... :facepalm::facepalm:


Would you like to go with me

Down my dead end street?

Would you like to come with me

To Village Ghetto Land?


See the people lock their doors

While robbers laugh and steal

Beggars watch and eat their meals

From garbage cans


Broken glass is everywhere

It's a bloody scene

Killing plagues the citizens

Unless they own police


Children play with rusted cars

Sores cover their hands

Politicians laugh and drink

Drunk to all demands


Families buying dog food now

Starvation roams the streets

Babies die before they're born

Infected by the grief


Now some folks say that we should be

Glad for what we have

Tell me would you be happy still in 1995 living in

Village Ghetto Land

Oh, Village Ghetto Land

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The criteria seem to be firstly, being a great musician, secondly, being a really nice person, thirdly, being humble and not arrogant.


I doubt you will find universal concurrence on anyone, but maybe George Shearing

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I'm gonna guess Big J. Patton is a little younger, under 35 let's say. I think to a certain degree, for people born after a certain time period and of course I don't know the exact cut-off, almost all pop music from before some point in maybe the early or mid-80's just sounds inescapably *corny* ("cheesy" in his word) to them where they can't take it fully seriously - even though it resonates as really honest and soulful to those of us who came up a little earlier. The same effect may even come into play with members of my generation with respect to music from earlier decades. Things that were entirely credible, relevant, even groundbreaking in their day, can come to sound dated and even a little silly, through the increasingly more jaded sensibilities/perspective of listeners in subsequent generations.

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Here's a spirited and cool keyboardist/vocalist I really like -

Delmar Brown , a bad recording but still awesome > vocals you wont believe >

And the best intro solo I've ever heard , to me he's a gift from the music Gods - better than a ton of the big names out there.



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