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  1. Expensive? Yes, I have some money in it but everything there was meant to be carried and played out,unlike my C3 and leslie which would be happier in church or at home.
  2. Some nice hammond on this Humble Pie session
  3. i saw BillyJoel in 1974 right after the release of "Steetlife Serenadfe" To this day, the tightest five piece band I ever heard and I only paid.three bucks for floor seats no less. The performance was full of youth, fire, performance ,and attitude. His sign off was "don't take any shit from anyone." This tune reminds me that a lot of water had flowed under the bridge since then. It is the song of a grown man singing in a man's voice. Thanks Bill for keeping it real..
  4. I always find it amusing. If someone like Rudess, who is tachnically super proficient, shows up here., the bashers show up and complain that the plalyng should have been more restrained and simpler with more feel. If someone with feel and simplicity shows up, then somebody, usually a frustrated jazzer ,has to point out that Art Tatum or Oscar Peterson could have found better chords played with much better technique. Tough room
  5. My 1959 C3, when it got hooked up to my 251 lesiie proved to be magical. That was 1973 and I knew I could sell everything else but not that. Never have., That being said, the Vox Jaguar I had in highchool was about the coolest thing I ever saw. Stil sort of wish I had it around to look at.
  6. Happy New year and may eveyones rig and gear live up to your best expectations
  7. I have the Hammond xk5 dual manual metal stand which only comes in black or silver. Been seiously thinking about getting it powder coated in fire engine red. 'Bout as adventuresome as I get.
  8. I suppose for us any keyboard we once had and now miss, or once we gassed over, has become "iconic." Simply, That stetches the definition too far. Might I suggest, for fun, keyboards your guitarist might see as emblematic. I would wager on the B3, the Vox, the Farfisa ( if they are "of a certain age") and a few telephone swithcboard looking synths. The lights or colors that fascinate us, and tickle our memories, let's face it, mean nothing to the average Joe.
  9. One of the neater tricks you can do with a Hammond XK5 is run a real leslie with the 11 pin connector and send the leslie sim out of the 1/4 inch jack. I would only do this on gigs where the leslie was going to be miced anyway so I would at least have some moving swirling air on stage. It's like the old joke.. "Who do you think you are going to satisfy with that?" The answer.... "Me."
  10. After all this time and different bands and musical styles, I've been through it all from changing matching outfit every set to the 1960's "whatever you came in wearing." and much in between. About the only corporate thing I dealt with that I liked was one band did where we agreed on a color and then each member "styled" that. The drummer, for example wore a sort of Steve Jobs T shirt and lightweight vest. The horn guys did short sleeve button down collar shirts. The singer had a black suit. I had sort of a suede like long sleeve shirt. Everyone had the standard black pants. You can, of course do this with any color or even combinations. I was with another group where the rule was black and red. Some guys wore red ties with black shirts othere had red and black stripes. It works. There is enough uniformity but also allowing for comfort, invidual style and visual interest. An old guy's two cents.
  11. Always liked that tune and yes there are a lot of studio subtleties that make the recording work. My favorite take on it however is from an Australian band that ought to be huge someday if there is any justice. Good piano solo here too. Enjoy.
  12. Bass solos are banned by the Geneva Convention as torture. Everyone talks during the bass solo.
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