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  1. Hey, I was at this time! I came up from SD and caught the first two games of the Giants series. Wasn't too thrilled with the outcome BUT it was my first time finally making it up to ̶P̶a̶c̶B̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶S̶B̶C̶ ̶A̶T̶&̶T̶ Oracle Park and what a great ballpark. I had heard so many good things about it, but it did not disappoint. Was fun taking CalTrain up from the peninsula too. (I always take the trolley to Petco park).
  2. Oh, I know how it is. I get it. Best wishes to you, Bruce!
  3. I think that descending string line during the chorus is pretty key to the song.
  4. I want to hear Bobby Cressey play at the World Series. ⚾
  5. When using Gorilla glue, only apply the glue to one surface and gently moisten the other surface with water (or saliva). Make a big difference.
  6. This is a good combination. I have an NS2 compact that I bought in 2011 and it continues to serve me well. Odd that somebody commented on poor build quality, that surprised me greatly. I've owned both the NS2 and an Electro 2 and both of them had very good build quality. (Crumar Mojo 61, not so much!) But, the Mojo Hammond completely blows away the Nord for sound quality and expressiveness. I usually bring both but in a pinch for smaller gigs I can get by just fine with the Nord. A huge advantage of the Nord is the large and ever-expanding sound library. There are lots of pianos to choose from, they're all free to download, and you can swap them in and out reasonably easily to audition what works for you. The keyboard action is very much a matter of taste. I've gotten used to the NS2's action. No it's not the same as a weighted keyboard, but the stiffness of the springs makes it entirely workable to get decent dynamics out of it. And it's not a very heavy instrument. It's nice having a nice knobby keyboard. Once you have your patches set up you really don't need to do much menu-diving in realtime. The fixed split points are an oddity. I've managed to make it work, but I don't use all that many splits. On the other hand I find it really useful to have two sound engines going in two different "panels," and using an expression pedal to crossfade between them, or to control the volume of a string pad behind an acoustic piano.
  7. All this Beatles talk and no mention of I Want You? /s 🤣
  8. And here I just made a joke about threadjacking in another topic but... I gotta ask.... do tell!
  9. I keep returning to Alpine Duet, brewed just about 30 miles east of me. It's very well balanced and just about perfect. When I am finally caught, convicted, and executed for first-degree thread-jacking, I would like my last meal to be a Roberto's carne asada burrito and an Alpine Duet.
  10. As an aside, I can very highly recommend Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir. Same guy who wrote The Martian. I really don't want to say all that much about the book - the less you know, the better - but it touches on some of what we're saying here and it's a really fun read. I ended up reading it twice because I devoured it on the first go and a month or so later I wanted to savor it.
  11. As much as it's fun (also terrifying) to think about aliens visiting us, I'm skeptical for many reasons. As Sagan and others have noted, it would require an extremely advanced civilization to overcome time/distance/relativistic speeds to even make it here, and would such a species even find us interesting? Also, I find it telling that we have all this grainy UFO footage from the 1950s, yet now that everyone is walking around with 4K video cameras in their pockets, we should be swimming in 4K video footage of UFOs, Bigfoot, the Yeti, Nessie, and so on. And we're not. It does seem exceedingly unlikely that Earth has the only life in the universe, but it also seems exceedingly unlikely that we'll ever meet an alien civilization.
  12. OK, so I just installed Moises and wow, very impressive. I was very easily able to isolate the drum and bass tracks for Hey A-Pocky Way and Cissy Strut (which few drummers play correctly).
  13. I'm a big fan of the 2015 MBPs. These are the high water mark for Intel Macs for me. They still have lots of ports and the SD Card reader, MagSafe, no butterfly keyboard, and no touch bar. I have a 15 and a 13. Still running Mojave on those because I still have Adobe CS6. My main machine these days is a 16" M1Max MacBook Pro, also with 64GB of RAM but a 2TB SSD. To perfectly honest, I overbought. Most of the time its clamshelled driving two 32" LG monitors. I should have gone with a 14 and maybe less RAM, but oh well. It's heavy but when I do travel that 16" display is pretty gorgeous. I tend to get at least a decade out of my Macs so I'm sure this one will serve me well for a long time. To answer OPs question, I would look into a current Air or MBP with at least 1 TB of SSD. RAM oddly doesn't seem as crucial with these machines, they seem to use it quite efficiently. You might also see what's available at the refurbished Mac page. You can save a few hundred bucks and still get an as-new machine with the full Apple warranty, and eligible for AppleCare+. I would not trust the refurbished machines Amazon sells. https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished/mac
  14. That was the origin of the Rhodes piano, actually.
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