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The Cars - a new taste of next album

Dr Nursers

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Howdy - sorry if this has been posted already, just came across the second teaser vid for the upcoming Cars album:




I'm loving it - can't wait to hear the whole shebang. :)

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I gotta have Ben Orr. :( I can take Ocasek in small doses, but I need the better singer to counter his sprechstimme.

Not a Schönberg fan, eh? ;)


I love Verklaerte Nacht. I recorded it: klonk The rest? Meh. :laugh:

Two points for use of the word, "sprechstimme."

Outside of Classical it only applies to 2 people, Ocasek and Rex Harrison. :laugh:


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Right now I am listening to Haircut 100 - Pelican West. I have no problem listening to music from the early 80's. Even new music from the early 80's. I still listen to early Cars. We covered so much of the later stuff that I still avoid it.
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