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OT: TV Shows


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I'm sure some of us watch TV shows that we follow. What TV shows do you watch fairly regularly or which shows do you like? I watch these shows regularly and admit I try not to miss them.


24 - Fox

Heroes - NBC

Battlestar Galactica - Sci Fi

Rome - HBO

Sopranos - HBO

Football - Multiple Channels



Some shows I don't watch alot but would like to watch more include:


Cold Case -CBS

Smallville - UPN/WB

Boston Legal - ABC

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Okay, here's my list:


I try to make the time to watch these:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip NBC (Watch this great Aaron Sorkin follow-up to West Wing before NBC cancels it!)

Inside The NFL HBO (I love the highlight reels and the chemistry between the show's commentators.)

Medium NBC (Solid drama. It endeared itself to me by being one of the only shows ever set in Phoenix that doesn't make its characters speak with a twang.)

Entourage HBO (Great insider comedy about Hollywood.)

30 Rock NBC (The funniest new sitcom since Arrested Development.)

Stargate SG-1 Sci-Fi (Okay, so this used to be much better; but I still watch this guilty pleasure.)

Dr. Who BBC/Sci-Fi (Fun.)

Rome HBO (History comes graphically alive.)

NFL football games

NBA basketball games (playoffs only)


I'll watch these, but only if I have time:

House FOX (Demoted from this list above. It's getting into a rut, IMO.)

Monk USA (Funny, albeit a bit light.)

Psych USA (Ditto.)

Washington Week PBS (Great insider reporting of the week's top stories. I really should promote this back to the top list.)

Stargate Atlantis (Another guilty pleasure.)





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Honestly, I've never watched much TV at all, other than the first year or two after our kids were born and we were completely homebound. Back then, I had nightly shows that I watched.


These days, there is really only one show I care about watching: The Office on Thursday nights. I also keep up with Grey's Anatomy, which is a show we watch as a family.


I will sometimes get 'roped in' to watch other shows with my wife, but not that often. I do find that having an HDTV makes me a little more interested in the TV, even things like sports which I've never watched.


I do like to watch DVDs and will usually check out one per week on a weekend night that I'm not gigging.




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The last TV show I remember I wouldn't miss an episode for any reason was a long time ago. :)




Since then, the few shows I found interesting were X-Files, Millennium and Alias. Like Eric, I guess I'm not so often in front of the TV screen. I already sit way too much in front of the computer screen. :)

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Discloser: I work for an ABC affiliate, and now also a CW affliliate.


That having been said, I watch a lot of TV. More than probably anyone here or anyone I know. The morning news goes on around 5am, the sleep timer turns off the TV around midnight, sometimes later. If only I could fill out a Nielsen diary...


What I watch on ABC:

Grey's Anatomy

Desperate Housewives

Lost, when it returns on Feb 7 (shameless spam)

Boston Legal - Shatner just slays me

Ugly Betty

Brothers and Sisters

and my kids love Extreme Makeover Home Edition.



Entourage - I LOVE this show. I wish it was 1 hour. Victory!

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Wife hates it, I think it's brilliant.

The Sopranos, when it returns


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Though not as groundbreaking as "West Wing", it's still solid and I get all the "insider TV" references. "The Christmas Show" episode had the best music moment on any TV drama in years. I'll be very surprised if it gets renewed next season.


CBS Sunday Morning - The perfect Sunday morning program, usually has great features on the arts


The Daily Show/Colbert Report - I can remember when John Stewart was a funny comic in search of the right TV vehicle ("The John Stewart Show" anyone?). Thankfully, he found it.


David Letterman and Conan O'Brien - Maybe it's my NY-centrism. For me, these guys run circles around Leno. Their writers churn out good material, sometimes great, night after night. After Carson retired, The Tonight Show was completely dead to me.


The competition shows on Bravo, "Top Chef" and "Project Runway".


Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" on Travel Channel.


"Jim Rome Is Burning" on ESPN, after listening to his radio show 12n-3p.


Occassionally, something on the Food Network, except Emeril.


Shows that I probably should be watching, but just haven't:

Cold Case


The Amazing Race



Prison Break


The Office

30 Rock

The Wire


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I don't watch to much any more,but some of the shows I do watch are



Dogfights -History Channel


Scrubs - Don't ask me why but I laugh at this show I like Dr. Coxs verbal volleys


Iron Chef/Food Network shows



Thats about it.

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- Studio 60 - and yes, that Christmas episode was amazing; even though Sorkin doesn't have the same political vehicle he had with The West Wing, he manages to make some significant statements -- and the writing is superb. So, yes, it'll be cancelled, to make way for another quiz show or reality show.


- Ugly Betty - I just started watching; good for an hour of escape.


- The Daily Show/Colbert Repor(t) -- gotta get my daily news fix.


- When my wife controls the remote -- we'll watch some old black and white classic on TCM. Some really great movies -- but the promo's and intro/outro production work is outstanding (I'm another -former- TV guy -- from Boston)


- Otherwise, there ain't much. Thamk you NETFLIX!


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the only show i reserve a weekly time spot for is mythbusters. its a teriffic program/programme.


i also watch shows like dogfights on the history channel, and NOVA on pbs fairly regularly, but i dont take time out just to watch them. i'll watch them if im already watching the tele and they're on. i like a lot of other stuff, but dont always watch it.


a quick question to everyone, did anyone watch arrested depelopment before it got dropped? that was a teriffic show.

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Originally posted by scottasin:

a quick question to everyone, did anyone watch arrested depelopment before it got dropped? that was a teriffic show.

Arrested Development was brilliant! :cool:


I can't understand why it wasn't a huge success, but at least it did well enough to be released on DVD.


Highly recommended! :thu:


Originally posted by Mark Zeger:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Though not as groundbreaking as "West Wing", it's still solid and I get all the "insider TV" references. "The Christmas Show" episode had the best music moment on any TV drama in years.

Agreed. If you weren't touched by that scene, you'd better have your heart examined.


Originally posted by Mark Zeger:

The Daily Show/Colbert Report - I can remember when John Stewart was a funny comic in search of the right TV vehicle ("The John Stewart Show" anyone?). Thankfully, he found it.

I don't go out of my way to watch these two shows, but I sure do enjoy them especially The Daily Show.





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What about Brian

Desperate Housewives

Brothers and Sisters


Til Death




Ali G




Studio 330

Studio Jams

Legends of Jazz

Austin City Limits


Food TV






I'm like Chancey Gardner.

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Being away at school, I usually don't watch much tv since there is always homework to be done or exams to study for. However, a buddy of mine has an 42 inch HDTV with built in digital video recorder, so any spare time on the weekends are spent catching up on missed episodes.


Hmm, I think I'll use Geoff Grace's format on this list...


Shows I watch regularly:

LOST - ABC (most fans seem disappointed with this season so far, but I actually like this season more than seasons 1 or 2!)

Mythbusters - Discovery (Probably my favorite TV show. Ever. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have about the coolest jobs on the planet)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - NBS [whoops, I mean NBC ;) ](Aaron Sorkin is awesome. I really dig his style of humor. I also have a little crush on Amanda Peet :love: )

My Name is Earl - NBC

The Office - NBC (I've never laughed harder than the little bit about Dwight receiving faxes every morning from "Future Dwight")

Eureka - Sci-Fi

Any NFL game in which the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing


Shows I like to watch when I have the time to do so:

Two and a Half Men - CBS (absolutely hilarious)

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe - Discovery (Mike Rowe is a very entertaining host)

American Chopper - TLC (The Teutul Family - need I say more?)

Psych - USA

Monk - USA

How I met Your Mother - CBS


During boring afternoons/evenings, I also enjoy watching the various sitcom reruns on TBS (Home Improvement, Yes, Dear, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld)




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I miss "The Score", a series that had been on the now extinct Trio channel. Phil Ramone hosted a discussion with a film composers and directors. Rob Mathes led a tight house band that played music from the films discussed on the show.


This was the guest list:

Jeff Barry

Alan and Marilyn Bergman

Stephen Bishop

Ted Demme

Danny Elfman

Dave Grusin

Taylor Hackford

James Newton Howard

Will Jennings

Sydney Pollack

Brett Ratner

Rob Reiner

Lalo Schifrin

Marc Shaiman

Kevin Spacey

Brian Wilson

Christopher Young


They paired Grusin with Sydney Pollack, the Bergmans, and Stephen Bishop. The Rob Reiner/Marc Shaiman episode was hilarious.


Hey, Linwood, what happened to BET Jazz? The last time I looked for "Studio Jams", it seemed that the whole format of that channel had changed and that show was gone. I've only seen "Legends of Jazz" once because my local PBS station aired it only on their digital sideband (ex 21.2). I should buy the whole series on DVD.

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Start with the fact that I don't have cable TV.


My ONLY don't miss shows right now are:



The Office


Beginning tonight I will add a third:


American Idol (I'll admit it; I love that show. The bad singers are hilarious, but man have they found some real talent on that show.)


I will also watch:




My Name Is Earl (if for no other reason than to see Jamie Pressley)

30 Rock


Shows I will run away from:


Grey's Anatomy

ER (used to love it, but now it's just doom and gloom)

all the CSI shows

"Reality shows"

Steve (Stevie Ray)

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Hi Mark..the Legends show is on here almost daily, but on the hd pbs channel. I've seen them all by now and I hope they make some new ones. It'd be worth buying the series on dvd if you haven't seen them all. The bet jazz thing really took a turn for the worse. It was such a good channel for a few years, but now they went to a jazz/r&b format and the r&b they choose and the "model shows" don't get it for me most of the time. The studio jams show still comes on here a couple times a week, usually late, so I set the dvr for it and solos. Again, I've seen all the shows, but a couple are worth seeing a couple times. They should hire you and give you a huge paycheck to program for them and save the network.
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My list


Ugly Betty - My wife and I both love the show, and thought the Golden Globes got it right.




All the CSI shows


Studio 60 - And I agree, the Christmas show was perhaps the best thing on TV for a long time.




Law & Order


Law & Order CI (Don't like Law & Order SVU. Go figure)


American Idol - another for the wife and I to watch together. (although I'll have to DVR tonight's debut. Wifey and I are going to see "Stomp"


Any reality shows where the contestants actually have to have talent.


And the one that I hate to admit, but will anyway, General Hospital. We DVR it and watch it instead of the news.


Once in a while if I need a good belly laugh I'll go the ABC Family and watch "Who's Line is it Anyway." These guys improvise comedy as well as the best jazz players improvise music. They even pushed Robin Williams to new heights when he was on the show.

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Me, I'm kinda all over the place:


Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Rescue Me

The Shield


Battlestar Galactica


NBC Thursday Night (Earl, Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock)

Friday Night Lights


LOST(although it's getting on my last nerve)



Reality TV: Idol, Project Runway(don't ask), Hogan Know's Best.


*And lastly, here's the greatest clip from the greatest show on television! *explicit EVERYTHING!*

TROLL . . . ish.
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If you have access to HD Net (a high definition cable service) you will find a wide array of live concerts captured in HD video and excellent surround sound.


I was told that the people who run HD Net approach artists and offer to tape their shows in state-of-the-art HD, if they are allowed to show them on the network.

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Good Eats

Chef At Home (Michael Smith)

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations

The Naked Archaeologist


Anything having to do with science, history, or archaeology.


And that's just the TV. On YouTube and Google Video I scour for clips and episodes of:


QI (Quite Interesting)

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

8 Out of 10 Cats

Have I Got News For You

Mock the Week


... Because us septics don't get to see those on TV over here. I'm sure there are a few more out there I could look for.

Darren Landrum
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What I Tivo:





Studio 60

Inside the NFL

Jeopardy (really)

49ers Games


VH1 Concert Series (whose name escapes me)

NFL Playoffs

VH1 Top 20 Countdown


I don't always watch all of these, depends on what else is happening in life. In fact, the only ones I try to never miss are:


49ers games

Inside the NFL





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I wants to get funked up.


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Mr. Nightime,

What did you think of Stomp? I saw it in NYC twice and thought it was way cool. Love the tap dance rhythmns. I wish I had seen your thread earlier, I would have advised you to wear safety glasses if you were sitting close. Both shows I attended I was close and got stage floor debris in my eyes. What was your favorite prop? Mine was when they came out walking in ski boots with 55 gallon drums strapped on that they banged with metal poles. :eek:




P.S. Sorry for the hijack.

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