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  1. Probably right - I’ll keep searching. Thanks.
  2. The first answer that comes to mind is "e-waste". I bought this handy little PA a few years ago and used it on a weekly jazz gig I had at the time. When that ended, the Nano went on a shelf. Fast forward a couple of years, and I've got a similar gig that this would be perfect for. So I dragged out, plugged it in -- and the LED glowed red, meaning a major fault. RIP Lucas Nano. So, rather than consign it to e-waste - I've been trying to find someone who repairs these boutique PAs. I've found a few in Europe and the Middle East -- but nothing remotely nearby. So - tapping in to the vast collective knowledge here -- I wonder if anyone has had any experience with this amp, or its siblings -- and more importantly -- is there anyone in the USA that fixes them? Thanks folks!
  3. The current Consumer Reports has an article about hearing aids - prescription vs. OTC. I finally caved last year and went the prescription route. It’s nice to reconnect with the world (and have better communication with my wife) - and hear a band leader call a tune (instead of joining 8 bars in). Music sounds OK, except with mine (Oticon), a sustained sound has a tiny bit of tremolo. Though I’ll miss the humor that happens when I mis-hear things. Shades of Emily Latella (now there’s a 40+ year old reference).
  4. Just took delivery of a Yamaha P-515. It's lovely. Now I have to sell my CP4 (psst - it's on Reverb).
  5. I"m guilty of swapping out boards with regularity. I got my CP4 when they first came out, and I still play it, gig with it and love it.
  6. Cast Your Fate to the Wind -- at least the first 16 bars. And maybe Happy Birthday.
  7. If you absolutely positively have to compress a file, I've had good luck with SoundCloud Pro. I'm running it on a Mac -- don't know if there's a windows version: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/soundconverter-pro/id1544495533
  8. We used to play a venue at Old Orchard Beach -- Maine's honky tonk summer hotspot. The club is at the end of a quarter-mile long pier, and you started your load in from a spot that just to the left of the low-rise buildings. It was an afternnon/early evening gig and it was almost always hot. The pier was generally chock-a-block full of tourists who would block your path and be totally oblivious. And I had to make two trips. At the end, the gig was a balcony, accessible by a narrow staircase. And then, during the gig, you faced west directly into the sun and melted. Below, there were a few tables for pub customers, but mostly, you were playing for people who really weren't aware that you were there. Then you got to do it all in reverse at the end.
  9. Reverb sells keyboard boxes in different sizes: https://reverb.com/item/92938-3-pack-boxes-reverb-guitar-and-keyboard-box-fits-most-sizes
  10. We"ve spent some time in New Orleans, and always made a point to catch his weekly gig at Snug Harbor. It was two shows, and after each, he"d take a seat just outside the door to the performance space, and offer a big warm handshake while sharing some kind words to all who passed by. He was also a mentor, passing the knowledge and magic of jazz to the next generations. Quite a painful loss.
  11. Such sad news out of New Orleans Tonight https://www.wwoz.org/blog/639776?fbclid=IwAR0wnG2zA_du9hY7_ZbmYrm4hyYGvr4FiErZU-f4uYP5scraUOc9LXsaPOM
  12. Maybe not the most opportune time to start a new band, but that's what we're doing. Hope springs eternal that there will be gigs again someday. With band members in lockdown, we're thinking about trying one of the on-line, "real-time" virtual rehearsal apps of the free variety. We started with JamKazam -- but we failed to get anywhere -- and it looks like their website is in zombie mode and the company may have gone away. Our current focus is on a similar app, Jammr, which looks more promising. Another idea is Jamulus, but the technology is above my pay grade. And there's jamlink, which requires everyone to have a proprietary router. One complicating factor is that one band member only has an iOS device and nothing that runs Windows or OSX. Ideally, a solution would address that as well. Pie-in-the-sky, and lots of questions. With all the issues, and the question of latency, I'm beginning to wonder if a solution exists. Anybody have any experience with this?
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