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who is Dave Bryce?


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I am making a return to the Keyboard forums after a long absence, and I am trying to learn the community again, and WOW - what an impressive group of people! Knowledgable, helpful, nothing but wonderful people.


Yet, as I read all of the old posts and all of the new names, I see a name which I recognize from the past - Dave Bryce. I remember that name from the older forums. Apparently, this guy has been around since the beginning of the forums, and (again, from what I can tell) is the chief moderator here. Since I am the curious type, and I don't know exactly who he is, I thought I would ask. So I ask you...


Who is Dave Bryce?

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Dave is indeed the original moderator of the Keyboard Corner, and was here at the beginning. Here's the original thread on which he introduced himself:


Who is this Bryce guy?


In August, Dave took over as moderator of Harmony Central's Keys, Synths, and Samplers forum, and I took over here. Dave still hangs here a lot, and has "Moderator Emeritus" status. I got to basically walk into an incredibly good situation thanks to Dave's five years of groundwork making this one of the most cordial, knowledgable, best-toned music forums around. :thu:

Stephen Fortner

Principal, Fortner Media

Former Editor in Chief, Keyboard Magazine

Digital Piano Consultant, Piano Buyer Magazine


Industry affiliations: Antares, Arturia, Giles Communications, MS Media, Polyverse



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That's a good thing, Dave. Everybody should do the same. :idea:
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Originally posted by Dave Bryce:

My name's Dave Bryce. I'm 44, and I live in Thousand Oaks, CA.


Professionally, I am the VP of US operations for ADAM Audio and the sales manager for Dave Smith Instruments (where I also help with marketing and R&D/sound design). I worked for Kurzweil for lots of years as tech support, sound design and clinician. I also worked for Alesis for five years as clinician, marketing manager for the synth division as well as participating in R&D and doing lots of sound design - I even ran the sound design group for a while. Somewhere on HC, I believe there's actually a cheesy video of me demoing the Andromeda (which I named) when we first showed it at Winter NAMM 2000. I have also written reviews and articles for EM, EQ and Keyboard magazines, as well as being the moderator of The Keyboard Corner over on the musicplayer.com site since the forum began in October 2000.


Gear-wise, I'm down to around 25 hardware synths at this point. My faves include my Andromedas (I have two, including the first beta unit), DSI Poly Evolver keyboard (s/n #1) and PE rack, Rev 5 MKS-80, Prophet VS, Wavestation, MKS-70, EX5-R and my Rivera modded Bob Moog autographed Mini. I also own lots of Alesis synths (no surprise there) and a MOTIF ES8. I also have a bunch of software synths, including (but not limited to) the Korg Legacy collection, Synthogy Ivory, Powercore Virus and V-Station, NI B4 and the recently-added Garritan GPO, all running on my Mac G5.


Musically, I've been playing keyboards since I was nine. My baby is my K. Kawai grand piano, which is definitely my favorite of all of my keyboards. I also play some guitar, some bass, some drums and some horns. I've played on lots of other people's recordings (none of which any of you have probably heard of), and have done two of my own solo records (neither of which any of you have really ever heard of). I also do voice over stuff - mostly commercials and the occasional video game (anybody ever play Star Control II: Masters of the Ur-Quan? I'm a bunch of those voices).


Other things that occupy my time - pro football, basketball (not until after the all-star game), going to the gym, playing poker and video games (Metroid rules!), cooking, and occasionally scuba diving (although not too much these days).


I also spend way too damn much time on internet forums.



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Who is Dave Bryce?


Hmm... who is Dave Bryce? :confused:


Some might say that Dave Bryce is a three part being consisting of mind, body, and spirit. Others might claim he is Id, Ego, Superego.


Still others might say that there is a unique Dave Bryce for each of his roles: as moderator emeritus, alien voice*, father, husband, son, friend, etc.


If all time exists simultaneously, then there are an infinite number of Dave Bryces, one of each corresponding to each single moment in his lifetime.


Who is Dave Bryce?


Who is any one of us, really?


Does anybody really know what time it is?








* In the Star Control II video game.

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