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  1. I had someone say the exact same thing to me once...only when I stammered "As in John Coltrane?" the dude laughed and said "No, Roscoe P."
  2. Mr. Notes Norton...dug your faux sax tracks... When I hear this, the first thing my poor mind tells me is that it's a sax, then almost immediately " no, it's not" followed by a final period of rationalization, "not a sax, but sounds cool and musical in its own way"..which is the bottom line, anyway...
  3. I'm a bit of a sucker for those jazz/easy listening descending chord patterns ... that's really nice...
  4. For me, each song is usually different. It will normally start with a snippet of a melody for a verse or chorus, and oftentimes there's a little lyric phrase along with it. This may or may not be something I want to keep (Like McCartney's "Scrambled Eggs"). This can be a problem, as sometimes once I start singing a "dummy" lyric sometimes it's hard to get it to go away. But once in awhile... actually most of the time, I'll get a part of a chorus or part of a verse and get stuck...so it goes into my "parts" file. A bit of a chorus might go in there, and if I'm really lucky, there might be a bit of a verse on a shelf that goes with it. I really love bootleg recordings of people going through the process... like the old versions of "Child of Nature" by John Lennon, which went on to become "Jealous Guy" This kinda makes me think there's no right way..just what's right for you.
  5. Well, geez, been a long time since I've roamed these hallowed halls!!!
  6. Rest easy, George, and save us a spot by the buffet table... we'll all be along in due time...
  7. Everyone who's ever made it in the business has "borrowed" from the best, not the least of which were Lennon and McCartney.
  8. Myles...thanks for the response. Geez, I'll get in touch with Dale from Online and find out exactly what was in there. I'd imagine it was the stock Marshall TSL-122 tubes...they haven't been changed since I bought it. But I can tell you target tonewise... I'm not much for "melt your face"...I like a nice bluesy drive, funky spank (with a Strat) and a nice rhythm tone a'la Tom Petty/Mike Campbell. I know, maybe I should sell the Marshall and buy a Fender and a Vox, but, I do like the Marshall. Stay tuned... Oh, P.S...thanks for making this a sticky!!!
  9. Good grief...this thread needs to be a sticky. Just heard from my buddies at OnLine Electronics. Turns out my TSL-122 needs some new tubes. Recommendations?
  10. Hey Ric...nice ...I could hear it in a soundtrack. Has a "clocklike" quality about it. The flute (synth?) fit very nicely. I kept waiting for it to kick in to something...but, of course, if it's intent was more as a soundtrack type thing it wouldn't have to. Which brings up a valid point...people write for various reasons. Some write for more ambient purposes, or soundtrack type stuff. Some are geared toward a verse/chorus etc. type thing. It's all good!
  11. I am not authorized to view that page, RicBass... Not a cheesy working title...remember, "Yesterday" had the working title of "Scrambled Eggs" Thanks for the suggestions on my tune, guys. Yeah, I had planned to add some very light percussion, y'know, like Bonzo No, seriously, sort of maracas or something would probably be about it...maybe a some light congas. I want to get a buddy of mine who plays jazz flute to do the solo.
  12. Probably the thing that bothers me the most is...like you said, the verses seem rushed.. I agree. Not sure what to do...but you've confirmed my suspicions. I'll have to play with it a bit. The turn between the F chord...yeah, I can see that as well. Not sure if I'll do anything different with it, or if I should, but I understand. Actually, I was thinking on having a friend of mine who plays jazz flute do the solo. And of course, add a bass solo. And more cowbell. Thanks for listening! Oh, BTW...the A section, the "doo doo" bit was the first thing that came to me...just screwing around with some guitar chords, and that part sang itself. At first I was going to try to write words, and then I thought "someone like McCartney or Billy Joel would just scat that part"...
  13. The odd synth sound at the beginning that runs for a few bars reminds me of the murmur of a crowd talking in say...a big reverberant train station. I take the repetitiveness of the chords in a purposeful, ambient way...it does sound like something that would work well in a soundtrack type situation. If you did want to try poetry, I've got something that might work... "There once was a man from Nantucket... OOPS...nope...wrong page...sorry, er...I'll have to find it... That "crowd murmur" effect is very interesting. I liked it! Now, to toss one of mine to the wolves... http://tedster.net/thewayitgoes.mp3 There's no bass on this...and it's a very rough demo. You'll hear nylon string guitar in the left channel and steel string in the right. Still in the refining process. BTW...Hello to you Detroiters from a former Port Huronite.
  14. I'm working from the FUBARed PC today... WTF is "Invalid Menu Handle"???
  15. You mean, you want us to bare our asses for a collective laugh at our expense?
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