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New Herbie Hancock at Starbucks


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Herbie Hancock has released "Possibilities" on Hear Music. Here's a snippet from an article on Billboard.com :


with the release of his new album, "Possibilities," Hancock ups the crossover ante. The 10-track set features the 65-year-old pianist collaborating with young stars (Mayer, Aguilera, Raul Midon and Joss Stone) and veterans (Sting, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox and Santana). The result is a gear-shifting collection of pop tunes undergirded by a jazz sensibility that cultivates music free of genre borders.
Visit this link to see some short video of some of the studio sessions.


Pretty cool IMO.

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Thanks for letting me know where I could buy it. I've been looking on itunes for the past week. Just got back with a pound of bean and the CD!! It sounded great in the car on the way home, but Herbie always sounds great to me. I love that he's using so many young guys on this. John Mayer on a cut. I'm going to see the John Mayer Trio next Saturday with Steve Jordan on drums. AND he's got Johnny Lang on a cut. I saw Johnny last week. Those boys are bad...
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I've had it a few days now (picked it up at Best Buy), and so far, I haven't been too impressed. It seems like he's taken Santana's Supernatural/Shaman concept (Santana himself is even on a track) and run with it. There are some good moments, but overall the "dream team" concept doesn't really work for me here. Maybe I'm just old school - I much prefer his Headhunters era funk material.
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Imagine how bored Herbie would get if he had to keep on imitating the style of his Headhunters days.


The NPR radio interview:



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EuroNews did a feature on it a couple of days ago - showed some bits of video clips (filmed in a studio).

They also aired a fragment of HH interview and he said something like "...this is new music..."...

Give me a break. The stuff sounded like every other commercial pop out there.


I am not going to buy it.

I am back.
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So I checked out about half the album last night on Napster. I gotta say, I went in ready to hate it because I really dislike these multi-guest star affairs. However, what I listened to was really nice. Nothing groundbreaking but a lot of hip piano playing. All the great Herbie-isms are there.


The John Mayer track is pretty infectious.

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Originally posted by DirtyRubberDuck:

Originally posted by program_insect:

only selling it via evil multinational corporation Starbucks? I just died a little inside...

Man, when Alanis Morisette did that there was some MAJOR backlash from the music stores. I guess Herbie isn't quite as mainstream . . .



Nope - it's available through traditional stores as well - I saw it today at Borders, for instance. Herbie's safely walking the line here, getting the best of both world's promotional advantages.


Smart guy.


And not a bad piano player either...







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DRD [/qb]

Nope - it's available through traditional stores as well - I saw it today at Borders, for instance. [/QB]


Yes, but when you buy it at Starbucks you can get it in decaf

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Originally posted by Keybass:

I dig it too! I bet there is a portrait of him in a closet somewhere that looks like hell though.



So it was HIM R.Kelly was singing about!



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Just got Herbie's new cd, and I think it's great. Like any experimental project, it's gonna have it's successes and failures; and those lie mainly with the quality of the vocal performances. But the one thing that's undeniable throughout this CD is Herbie's playing. Just breathtaking. There are a lot of pianistic lessons to be learned from Herbie's playing, and I can't wait to sit down and start studying.


I never thought that I'd actually enjoy hearing a remake of "I Just Called To Say I Love You", but I've been proved wrong; what a remarkable reharm! (Stevie's harmonica solo was a great idea in theory, but I don't know that he was able to keep up with Herbie's new changes.)


But one thing's for sure; without taking chances (and being willing to fail at times), this cd wouldn't reach the heights that it does. Well done Herbie! :thu:

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