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Way Way OT. Any Tax Attys in this group?

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My father was an attorney. He used to say "free legal advice is worth just what you pay for it."
I think there are likely a few very knowledgeable tax folks on this forum (with relevant professional certifications) that can provide useful advice, such as what are the right questions to ask, who should I talk to, where should I start, etc.


And I wouldn't call it "free". The information that Steve and many many others have provided on this forum is of incalculable value. Call it the barter system.

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I think I've gotten the answer I was looking for and it's 6 of one, half a dozen.......


I'm part of a group of musicians hiring an attorney to represent us in objecting to a lawsuit settlement. To raise his fee, I've set up a donation site w/Paypal (like a GoFundMe page). No one can say with 100% certainty whether the IRS will consider those donations as income to me or gifts. I'm crossing my fingers!

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Ask your attorney if maybe he should be the one whose name is on the go fund me.

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