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Happy Birthday Sven

Steve Nathan

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What can I say about Sven? He was a Philanthropist, Hero of the Oppressed, World Traveler, Free-Lance Gynecologist, and a War Criminal.


What else? I once saw him scissor-kick Angela Lansbury. His favorite movie was "One on One" with Robby Benson. That's about it. Sorry. I didn't know him that well, and I never know what to say at time like this.


Rest in Peace, Sven. You'll be missed.


Not by me, though.



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Happy Cake Day Sven old bean.

This place wouldn't be the same without ewe.

SpaceStation V3,


KronosX-73,MS Pro145,Ventilator,OB DB1,Lester K

Toys: RIP died in the flood of 8/16 1930 Hammond AV, 1970s Leslie 145, 1974 Rhodes Stage


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Thanks for this, everyone, with special kudos to:


  • Steve Nathan for getting the ball rolling... ;)
  • Scott for the testimonial. You forgot about the fact that I inject whisky into my neck with a syringe. ;)
  • Glad to hear I'm in great company, RABid! :2thu:


As for how I spent my day, I took delivery of my brand new shiny Crumar Mojo61 (a day earlier than expected) to update my gig rig, and just wrapped up a nice 2-hour session grooving on my Hammond C2 enjoying a few drams of 16-year-old Lagavulin. :cool:


Tomorrow I spend some time tweaking the Mojo61 to get it set up just the way I like it.... and maybe a bit more Lagavulin. ;)

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