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OT: Philip Seymour Hoffman, RIP

Geoff Grace

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The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment on Sunday morning of an apparent drug overdose, according to a law enforcement official who requested anonymity because he was not certain the actors family had been informed of the death.


Anyway, sad to read the news.

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This is extremely Sad news , I can't believe it , he had the world at his feet , and a ton of movies on the boil.

We loved this guy , he first came to our attention in the movie "Twister" - a real intelligent and fun character actor , and super talented.

Another huge loss to entertainment over the last month.

May his soul party on.



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Truly sad. Also one of my favorites. I don't ever remember seeing him give a bad performance. He chose material better than most actors and even when he was in a mediocre movie, he was the best thing in it.

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My community had great highs and lows today from 2 Rochester area natives.


Renee Fleming raised the standard for National Anthem performances. Her mother still teaches voice at Eastman and posts Renee's magazine covers and news articles outside her office.


Phillip Seymour Hoffman passes far too soon. His mother lives in the next suburb over from mine.

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