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Yet another newbie ; )


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Hi Guys!

I read through all the previous posts from newbies and don't think any of it really applied to what I'm looking for. I'm not a total newbie to keys, I'm just in the dark about Elec. brands & features per model. I'm looking for equipment suggestions. This keyboard will be used for practicing w/ a band & some possible gigging. So here are the features I'd like:


76 keys(88 would be nice)


Weighted or Semi-Weighted keys(touch Sensitive)


Most Importantly - A nice library of sounds quality and quantity - piano, organ, strings(pizzicato strings would be kewl)


What I don't really need or want:

Upgrades, exp. boards & programmmable sequencing/pc or mac interfacing. I'm not much of a programmer/knob tweeking geek. I also doubt I'd upgrade any ROM, etc.


So...price-wise I'm really flexible. I've been looking for used models through craigslist & recycler. I think I'd prefer used so I can afford a better model. Price range could be around $400

more or less, depending on what I'd get. Thanks for any info you might have.

Erika ;) xoxo

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76 to 88 keys and under $400 is going to be a bit limiting, and will probably leave your best options being used ones...as you've pretty much already surmised.


If you're gonna go that way, then an older Alesis QS7/QS8 (or QS7.1/QS8.1), or maybe something like a Yamaha S08 might fit the bill.





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Welcome to the forum Erika. :D


A well thought out first post, I might add. To go along with Dave Bryce's thinking, used would be your only choice to get the features you are looking for. The Casio Prima(sp?) series is a good 88 weighted piano but it doesn't have many other sounds, and they run around $500.


That makes it hard to help because there are lots of choices in the used market. Obviously the newer the better but any of the big three, Yamaha, Roland, Korg would give you something to work with. Don't rule out Kurz or Ensonic, and Alesis.


Now, you need to find a few in your price range and ask the forum about them. It is amazing how quickly you can get answers here.


And we are really good spot to hang out with when we aren't cranky. And that only happens when we run out of beer.



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Originally posted by Cydonia:

Originally posted by Erika:

Erika ;) xoxo

Woo-hoo! Kisses for me? :love::love:


Silly Cydonia. :rolleyes:


That's code for "Cydonia kisses the wrong end of sheep." :eek::D


How come you did not know this? :rolleyes::P

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Geez, Sven goes away for a couple of days and it gets all warm and fuzzy around here! ;) As one of the relative newbies who occasionally felt like I was crashing a private party, I have to say I like it! :D


Welcome, Erika, and happy shopping!



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Hey, maybe the warm and fuzzies are because we're getting some newbies that have dome their homework and have intellegent first posts. :D


Welcome Erika :wave:

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Now everybody's got the blues."


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Welcome to the Forum, Erika.


I second the Kurzweil suggestion, btw.

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Originally posted by Hobo:

Hi Erika,


If there's a Radio Shack near you they are doing an 88 note weighted digital piano for the very reasonable price of $299. They appear to be rebadged Casios, I have never tried one ( I'm in the UK ) but may be worth looking at before they all go.....



Here\'s the link!

Yes, he's right the Radioshack brand keyboards are rebadged(relogoed whateva you want to call them) casios, I'd go with something better though.
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Thanks for that link

as ive posted to the other thread about differences in casios compared to the radio shack but an interesting feature not on casios is mentionmed as an USB port....now have they made a mistake.

Will mention this on the other thread.

Erica Im using a Casio PX 300 and am happy with it even selling my favourite GEM prp7 piano [since i purchased a second hand casio px 300] as i needed the money and use the casio more now as it is very lightweight.[main reason i bought it]


definately worth a look...and should be available second hand for the Px 300 and Px 100.

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imo the Casio is great for piano and rhodes and ok clav but the rest of the sounds are not too good. In your shoes, I'd look for a second hand Alesis as dB suggested, or an Ensoniq - the 76 note actions on Ensoniq's KS-32, KT-76, TS-12, MR-76 and ZR-76 are quite good and the non-piano sounds of these boards or the Alesis QS series will beat the pants off the Casio/Radioshack or an S08.

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