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11-pin organ to 122 Leslie

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Hi all,

What are the current options for connecting an 11-pin organ to a 122 please?

Hammonds 1122 kit is no longer in production, and Trek's UC1A is currently unavailable and not likely to be available for some time.

I can't think of any others, besides Vintage Vibe, which wouldn't allow for half-moon control.






PhD in Jazz Organ Improvisation.

BMus (Hons) Jazz Piano.

1961 A100.Leslie 45 & 122. Kawai K300J. Yamaha CP4. Viscount Legend Live.


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B3 Guys here in the states still has some in stock  at $450 , i think around $100 more than when i bought mine . you'd have to have it modified

to accommodate a brake function though .  apparently BookerLab would be the way to go . they've been at this for a while , a solid outfit

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I agree with Bill, although $100 more than a currently priced Trek the Booker Labs is excellent quality and accommodates both a 122 and a 147; it also comes with a variety of useful features, like an effects loop, 1/4" input as well as the 11 pin input, and 'Stop' mode.  Worth the investment.


Also, for the Trek UC1A check with Jason (@Outkaster); he may have one available for sale.  

57 Hammond B3; 69 Hammond L100P; 68 Leslie 122; Kurzweil PC3; M-Audio Code 61; Voce V5+; Neo Vent; EV ELX112P; GSI Gemini & Burn




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