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  1. Welcome back, Dan! I've enjoyed every minute I've spent with Joe. I've never been to Houston, but it's on my list and seeing them would need to be part of it. I've been to StL many times. No longer on my list. LOL. DP
  2. Allan, Give me a call and come by! 😃
  3. A few weeks ago I spent a few hours on a One and it is an impressive and very capable machine. Then I spent 15 minutes on the Trigon 6... not the same, but I was instantly drawn in to the sound, the expressiveness, and immediacy of dialing in GREAT sound. The One is off my radar now. Trigon 6 arrives tonight.
  4. I have a few Omega stands and the do not do this.
  5. send it back. The post below the tightener is moving too. Looks like a poor weld joint at the very bottom or very squishy carpet. I've solved loose insert pipes by wrapping some electrical tape or something around the top of the inserted pipe to reduce the "play".
  6. Gibraltar GEMS Electronic Mounting Station used here. I don't typically set up this way, but for bigger show, It certainly gets a reaction when the audience can see your hands. I'd say a single center post is fine for 3 and maybe 4 oct keyboards. Larger boards, I wouldn't hesitate to use two of these stands.
  7. https://youtu.be/CTY9aXY95hg Synth Cloud has a bunch. It could be a good starting point.
  8. Googled: Legend Exp Manual and this was the first hit. Viscount Legend Exp Web Page The PDF manual is right there under support ready to be downloaded. I've attached it here as well so you don't have to do that... Legend-Exp-IT-EN-DE-FR-ed13.pdf
  9. This and This. Gibraltar 1.5" hardware is compatible... and metal... hint hint. I've used PVC in a pinch. Grab a 2" rotary cutter at you local hardware store and cut your tubes to needed length.
  10. FPI-D11-EFX: 11-Pin Input, 122/147 6-Pin Output Fusion Preamp Interface https://bookerlab.com/product/fusion-preamp-interface/ Super happy with their products
  11. This was a rig I built about 10 years ago. I believe it was: Nord Stage (or 2) main out to Rolls stereo channel 1 Nord Stage (or 2) 3 (organ) out to ventilator to rolls stereo channel 2 Voyager, Clav, other into a Vox wah to OCD to ElCap to BlueSky to rolls stereo channel 3. Headphone out to in ears. Radial mono out to FOH. Redco snake to the boards (still using the same snake today). Single power to wall with two IEC to boards.
  12. Best $700 I've ever spent! I enjoyed it from '92 to about '97... probably sold it for about the same to cover rent...☹️
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