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Larry Goldings & Scary Pockets do it again

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So gooooood. Not a keyboard-related comment, but I'm always fascinated by the combination of performance, mic placement, and processing that work together to achieve those big fat drum tones in these tiny studio spaces (live in the room with other players, no less).

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Very nice

It's funny how much these young guys owe to MMW in style - even Larry, an excellent player of his own BTW


For some reason I don't see a video link in the OP. But the Louis Cole Sucks one is very nice. Kind of new territory for Scary Pockets-Goldings into a slightly looser more jammy format. It works.


Yeah, Yannis, in my opinion, MMW were real innovators. When they hit the scene in the early to mid 90's I was heavily into the East Coast jam band scene. Their sound was fresh and it just blew everybody's minds. The idea of a simple groove-based head as a launching pad for spacey improv was eagerly embraced by countless bands that followed.

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The same goes for me Adan. When, with my drummer friend, we created our band back in 2000, MMW was an essential part of our aesthetics and inspiration. A little too much i would say ;) I think these guys (and the hole jam band scene) came into the jazz world like punksters came into the art rock world scene back in the late 70s: as a reminiscent that music should some times be a little simpler and rooted somewhere than plain virtuosity and patterns. I don't know if i make myself clear here but i think you get my point
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Very nice

It's funny how much these young guys owe to MMW in style - even Larry, an excellent player of his own BTW

I had to look up what MMW is. Never heard them. That probably says something about me.

But Larry is a monster and I'm betting that he wouldn't put them on his radar of influences from everything I've heard him produce.

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I just realized that I made a careless mistake in posting the "Layla" video above. I didn't want to start yet another Scary Pockets thread, so I just bumped the most recent one I could find without taking the time to realize that this one was as much about Larry Goldings as it was about Scary Pockets.


It seems obvious, I know, but somehow I missed that fact the other night.


My apologies to Larry and to our forum for my off-topic mistake. (The video I posted above has Jacob Luttrell on keyboards and lead vocals.) Unfortunately, it's too late to delete it now.





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