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  1. The great difference between this small community of musicians and the rest of the social media, is that here, people are not only genuinely kind but really want their peers to succeed, something you don't see too often on the rest of the social media circus. It's very sweet the way you have talked about this young, talented and skilled musician Kudos to both of you
  2. Liberace was a classical pianist, so I guess his chops were superior to Elton's. I would say his chops were equal to piano virtouosos of his era. Then it's a question of the music itself-there, Elton John wins hands down...
  3. Actually I bought a Glogenspiel from Thomman a month ago. Got it to a pop songwriter gig in an Anglican church too 😃 for a couple of songs. I need practice 😉
  4. Enjoyable: my Yamaha silent piano Useful: Nord Electro 5d Fun: stylophone. It generated more positive reactions from the audience than any other keyboard I've ever played 😉
  5. McCoy Tyner had a very similar approach to the piano when doing fast runs. Just great non legato technique (not really staccato which can not be applied to such fast runs)
  6. To my ears Neo Soul Keys Rhodes Pianoteq acoustic piano and VB3 organ are far better than any hardware emulations out there..
  7. Don't break the bank if you're not sure you are going to use soft synths for a long time. It's a long process and I would advice you (as someone who uses software for more than 20 years) to go one step at a time and take the time to learn the workflow. Mainstage is wonderful and very cheap, and has plenty of very useful libraries to start with. If you need more horsepower, you can go unlimited third party VSTs. Just my two euros
  8. Your first phrase was the bottom line for this whole topic! Thanx
  9. I don't know if Nord electro 5 is considered "a synth", but this is pretty much my workhorse for all my gigs, for organ/ep/clav/piano and the occasional synth. Depending on the gig, I might use my Mainstage rig with my Korg bluetooth 37 or Axiom 49 for additional synth sounds, or even my iOS rig as well (mostly Mainstage though). Whenever i need a proper 88, the production will backline it for me. If there's no production to take care of it, there will be no 88
  10. This will be like finding answer to the great mysteries of the universe
  11. Unfortunately the second keyboard will be a controller a fly-easy Korg bluetooth 37 and an Axiom, so there are no internal bass sounds. I thought of maybe using the Korg as a sole bass controller from Mainstage but there's another problem in this scenario: playing bass on an upper keyboard while seated is gonna hurt my left hand. I was thinking maybe a stand that allows me to bring the Nord and the Axiom close together, and then having the bass from Mainstage in order not to sacrifice the Nord's stereo routing...
  12. Yes, and the Mainstage synths which will be played on the Nord keyboard.
  13. I'll have my Mac onstage either way. I prefer the simplicity of the Nord but the fact that I have to run the rest of its sounds in mono if I play the Nord bass, is kind of disappointing
  14. So I got this gig in Hungary where I'll be playing keys and bass, and I have these two options 1) I either play the internal Nord Electro 5 bass on the left chanel, organ/ep/keys on the right chanel Or 2) I use the Mainstage bass through a different output from my sound card to a bass amp Normally I would prefer to use the Nord's bass and drive the rest of the Nord's sounds in mono to the FOH. But something's telling me that the Mainstage bass will be punchier and it will free up the Nord to run its sounds in stereo PS: in either scenarios the Nord will be my main keyboard and there will also be an Axiom and a Korg bluetooth 37 key for additional sounds, leads etc for Mainstage. What's your take?
  15. +1 The iOS instruments are not yet there compared to the Mac endless libraries, both within Mainstage and others. I use both as sound sources for fly in gigs, but Mainstage always has the lion's share.
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