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  1. Had the smallest capacity iPad since launch (was just 16gb back then) and my usage has never exceeded the capacity. Once they added external drives it was even more of a no brainer for me, but I can see that some people might want much larger capacity especially if used as a main machine.
  2. I played for about an hour one evening and it dropped about 10-15% so, unless your iPad battery is on the way out, you should easily get a few sets out of it. You could always juice it up somewhere between sets? If I were gigging (and I had the choice) I would always want some mains power at hand....
  3. So, first I forgot about this and update to the IpadOS 18 beta so the results may already be skewed. So I connect the standard (just USB socket) CCK and I got a warning that the device was not supported on this iPad. Disconnected, reconnected and the Keystage powered up. I recall something similar with the A800 (after a warning, it connected). Tried it with the USB 3CCK that has the lightning power through and nothing at all, but then again I would only be using that if I was connecting a power supply so I guess that is how it is wired up. Hope that helps. Maybe see if a friend can lend you the original CCK and see if that works for you 🙂
  4. Looks a fun little budget board. As a youngster starting out in music, I would have been absolutely blown away by this but that was the 70's.
  5. I'm away until Friday, but will give it a whirl then. Alas, I don't have an A800 any more to try as well.
  6. Probably just how I word things. I do have the connector that has the power through option (Lighting to USB 3 Camera Adaptor) but I havent needed to use it, so I am connecting here with the standard CCK (lighting to USB) and a standard 'printer' style USB cable. It doesnt power up my Keystage straight away like it does using a USB-C with the Pro, but weirdly it does work despite Korg saying it won't...it just takes a few seconds after connecting to sprint to life, certainly long enough for someone to decide it isnt working, but I walked away once and there it was when I returned so now I just wait.
  7. Worth noting that the Keystage is only meant to power from a USB C equipped iPad (I according to the manual), but if I power the iPad 9G up before connecting the KS, after a few seconds it magically powers up and I have played for a good few hours with plenty of juice left. I also have the CCK with the pass through power so could connect a charger if necessary. Would certainly be an option to add some juice to an iPad between sets if you did want to go mains free. If I recall, my A800 ran off the same iPad. Had two and the first never had an adaptor, might be imagining it of course (it’s my age). You do have the switch set to USB power on the board?
  8. Not sure why anyone would want a battery powered keyboard that would also charge an iPad when it would run the batteries down in no time, while the iPad can run for a good 5-6 hours while powering the keyboard??
  9. This is what I have with the Keystage which actually runs off the iPads power and it has a dedicated stand (not quite a slot). Just plug in a cable and I have a 4kg synth/workstation with poly aftertouch, pedals and line outs to speakers or Pa.
  10. I dont work for Apple either, but I have had every iteration of iPad since it was first launched despite never owning an iPhone and only got a Mac Mini to replace a MBP for Logic Pro duties. My latest is the last gen M2 Pro which, I am ashamed to say has had little use since I bought it. Reason being that I picked up a 9G iPad as a 'sound module' and have posted numerous threads about how flexible a device the iPad is. I use mine for artwork (reason I bought the M2 Pro version), for 3D design/CAD, music, notes, email, web surfing, music player, youtube, just about everything really making the M2 a but redundant other than when I am doing online training in sketching and rendering. Imagine if the iPad had been developed alongside keyboard tech at the start of the rompler/workstation era, we might now take it for granted that its essentially a configurable sound board where we can load up a Moog, Roland or Korg synth as well as acoustic instruments. Not to mention the weird and wonderful music making apps that aren't on other keyboards. I guess this price equates to around £200 which is a bargain for what is still a very capable device.
  11. Sorry, probably wasn’t clear. Grandstage doesn’t do audio over USB. I meant connect via USB (for MIDI) and feed the line outs from the GS and headphone from iPad into this little USB powered Yamaha mixer which can run off the second USB port on the GS. Bought this mixer as it has a separate stereo line in mini jack for the iPad 9G. I have the Korg Keystage as a lightweight board that can work with just the iPad for practice etc. or can add the KS to the GS for a two board setup where the GS plays all the pianos and the KS plays the GS organs, synths, brass etc., or just expand the GS sounds with the iPad. Plenty of options and, to take the sting out of this new deal, I only paid £200 for it brand new late last year. Couldn’t get a decent sound module for that price.
  12. Given that I might just hook it up to the Grandstage at some point and feed both into a Yamaha USB mixer, the headphone would be invaluable so….CCK is hardly a chore, just wish they had made a gen with USB C and headphone. I have a M2 Pro as well but that’s more power (and size) than I need just to run music apps.
  13. I grabbed a 9G for the same motives, but have actually never used the headphones jack. However, that's due to having boards with usb audio built in (YC, CK, Keystage) so it is a handy option, but not one AI have needed yet. Was tempted by the 10g, it is not much faster but it would be great to ditch the Apple CCK.
  14. Neither of these boards would mimic the graded hammer action of a piano. They have basic synth keybeds with touch sensitivity, but not much else.
  15. Slightly off topic, but such nostalgia led me to grab a copy of Keyfax last year, just to read about the gear I used to lust over when it was relatively 'cutting edge' 😜
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