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  1. Love the Vb3m, although I still dont use it live (still a hardware guy, but i´m trying to change). What are you using as conections, both as audio and midi?
  2. My band got invited to do a residency on our local Hard Rock Cafe (I live in Curitiba, a large city of about 2mi habitants in southern Brazil). We are a 3 piece trio that plays groovy blues-rock in the vein of Lachy Doley, lots of organ (clonewheel), bass/vox and drums. To be honest, the gig landed on our laps, as the Hard Rock Cafe vibe never appealed to us. But it´s going surprinsingly well. Thing is, the obligations are curious: electronic drums (the main thing we thought that would not work, but it´s working), all in ears monitoring, no amps on stage, very strict time on our sets, things like that. Oh, and we got paid about a month and a half after the gigs (crazy). The audience are basically tourists (my city is very touristic) and always a full and receptive house (another surprise to us, as we are very experimental and psychedelic sometimes, in contrast to the top 40 kind of sound that is more common there); Never liked in ear monitoring, but I´m getting used from that experience LOL; From that scenario, I would love to know more about the other members´experiences on your local Hard Rock Cafes. Similarities, differences, things you like, things you don´t like, curiosities, as we are starting to navigate that path. Anyone would like to contribute?
  3. I like the Koch-Marshall trio for a more rockn roll aproach of the format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUC0gao4-Xs And some trios from my homeland of Brazil are very good too. Hammond Grooves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZcMQnQkFeE Du Rompa Hammond Trio: And Hammatrio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUZOhemHrjk
  4. Love Lachy, but that Gary Moore vibe on the clav (both in the lead guitar type playing and harmony/melody) does not make it for me. The last album in general is miles behind his older material, IMHO. All in all, great performer with very good original songs and catalog. Hope to see him live someday.
  5. So, no using it as a standalone app? Like I do with the Vb3m? If it´s that the case, bummer.
  6. About the GSi Rotary, anybody can confirm if it can be used as standalone too, meaning that my ipad turns into a leslie sim pedal? Or just as a plugin within another DAW type app?
  7. Gov´t Mule´s version is a great example of that song without horns: Gov´t MUle What Is Hip
  8. I´m thinking to do just that, but I´d like to know some things first... Has anyone tried to pair the GSi Rotary with a Roland VR09 and had any success to assign via MIDI learn the fast/slow controls to the mod lever or the sustain pedal? Or you with the VR09, you´re confined to the on screen controls? Can I use the app with just a MIDI cable or USB plugged on the keyboard, using the line out of the ipad? Or do I need to use an audio interface, take a line out from the keyboard to the interface/ipad and then, another cable from the interface to my amp or mixer (like I would do if it was a pedal)?
  9. Any luck in using it with the Roland VR-09? Would like to know if anybody used the VR-09 to control the GSi Rotary on the iPad... Are the fast/slow controls of the app assignable to physical controls of the keyboard?
  10. Anybody used the VR-09 to control the GSi Rotary on the iPad? Are the fast/slow controls of the app assignable to physical controls of the keyboard?
  11. Anyone knows if it´s high trigger on Organ mode? Could not find in the manual, but is the rotary sim editable in any way?
  12. That would work for what I want actually. To make the VB3m act as the organ of a saved Live Set, in place of the internal organ sounds. Or, to address the limitations of control assigning, at least, instead of a full organ app, just using the GSi Rotary app when using the internal organ of the CK, disabling the internal leslie, of course. That way, the only mapped control I would need is the Leslie Fast/Slow button on the CK. And all the other sounds would be unaffected by it. If this works, would be a nice workaround. But I still would like to see more of that internal organ sounds.
  13. How easy would it be to use an ipad with the Vb3m for organ (with drawbars and other controls mapped) and the internal sounds for everything else? And save the "ipad as organ" as a preset, to be used on its own and as part of a split, for example? Anyways, would love to see the editability of the organ. All the demos I heard were very brief and with bright registrations, would love to hear something with more overdrive and not so bright sounding to see if it´s good enough to my uses (blues, soul, rock´n roll, with proeminence of the organ in many points) Love the fact that you can assign independent effects to a split. Huge advantage to my Roland VR09. In fact, from what I´ve heard, the similar priced VR09 has the edge on the organ and maybe the VA synths. Hope this board is an incentive to Roland to move their asses and release a new OS update LOL.
  14. Whoa, sounds very good. Never had my CX3 sounding as good as this. Wonder if they are the preset sounds present on the CX3 with his signature.
  15. Gsi posted this on Facebook Yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/GenuineSoundware/posts/pfbid02Ht8h4dYR2KbkCgeJrfiTuAFM6fAs659ZPmtJPpoJD9r3jP2Nzai1ZVrrBh52MJahl What caught my atention is the GSi Rotary. Anyone knows anything about it?
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